Saturday, July 14, 2012

big dreams.

Yay!  This photo was chosen as a fave. by Chelsey (the paper mama) this week. 
'The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

"Some may say that I'm a dreamer, well I'm not the only one..."

I have an insane amount of dreams and when I saw this quote a few nights ago, it struck a chord with me...    I just had to use the quote and photoshop it to my liking.  I think I'm going to have it printed out and hung in the girls' room.

So, here's my list of dreams:

Dreams for a huge family, dreams for a house with a tin roof.  Dreams for my kids. 
 Dreams of Disney World ;)  Dreams of never having to pass a kidney stone again!  Dreams for my parents; Although they're right around retirement age, they continue to work as hard as ever.  I have dreams that Lola would either run away or magically become a good dog.    A lot of my dreams consist of photography, in the most literal sense of the word.  I dream  often of shooting in the most perfect, yummy light.  My fingers flipping over the nobs, buttons and wheels, capturing that perfect picture.  I dream that one day, we won't have debt and terrible credit hanging over our heads. I dream of the day when there is a cure for cancer (cue Miss USA wave); but really, that stupid C word has crushed too many of my friends and family.  I have dreams that my photography career would kick off down here in Florida like it did in Michigan.

But my biggest dream, the one that scares me to death?  The dreams of putting together the 900+ unpublished blog posts and turning them into some kind of a memoir/book/journal.  They're filled with  my darkest times coping, battling and finally conquering  depression and anxiety. This would mean I'd need to muster up the courage to put the most vulnerable part of me out there.  I haven't allowed it on my blog, but I have dreams that one day I'll be secure and comfortable enough to share my story.  Ryan and I have talked about printing those posts, to have for our own safe keeping, as a constant reminder of the hell we walked through for almost 2 years.  Maybe I will, maybe I won't. 

And lastly, I Dream of Jeannie.  haha, kidding.  Just had to throw that in there ;)
This is my little love bug, Maeve... She was pretending to doing a balance beam routine at the beach.   I can see the dreams in her eyes.  Can't you? 

What are your dreams?  Do you have big crazy ones?  Or simple ones like me; dreams of surviving the daily chaos?  :)

Happy Saturday! :)

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