Monday, June 11, 2012

words and pictures

 We're Michigan bound in a week.  I've been praying for peace about this trip...   There is so much I need to do before we actually leave.  And so much I want to do.  Placing the needs before the wants is putting me in a grouchy mood.  Such is life I suppose.

Stella's first birthday is in two months.  I'm getting super excited for the party.    No clue on themes or anything yet... I'm definitely up for suggestions.  I like to think I'm creative, but then I look on Pinterest and realize well, I'm not. 

 The "summer" banner.  It's made with super fun fabrics and adds a lot of life to our blah living room.  I'm not sure where its final resting place will be, (definitely not here, within kids' reach), but I wanted to make sure I had all the pieces spaced out evenly so I strung it up right quick ;)  Maeve likes it because it reminds her of "Tangled."  (hmm)  Speaking of Maeve, this was our bed time convo tonight (for memories sake):

Maeve:  Can we get daddas a present for fathers day?
Me:  Yeah!  That's a great idea.  What do you think he would want?
Maeve:  Hmmm... (thinking, thinking) Maybe a bear statue.
Me:  A bear statue?  Perfect! 
Maeve:  And make sure to wrap it in papers so he can't peek.  Because he will want his bear statue.
Me:  Smart thinkin' Lincoln ;)

 This kid is so flipping cool.  He actually goes out of his way to say "Hi how are you?" to EVERYONE he sees.  It's adorable.  On top of the cute personality and killer looks, the kids got talent.  He can do headstands- like legit headstands.   

Gosh and he is ALL boy.  Except tonight when he wanted me to do "colors" on his toenails "like mama and sissy."

 And this peanut. I seriously can't get enough. 

Sorry this post has absolutely no rhyme or reasoning to it. 

I'm tired.  My head is hurting. 

And it's lightening.  As much as I'd like to try and focus on blogging, all I can focus on is that I have a laptop on my legs and there is crazy cloud to ground lightening outside. 

So.... with that....

goodnight :)

OH- and I accidently submitted the "wrong" pic for Chelsey's photo contest- and she's been so kind as to let me resubmit (yay! :D as these weekly photo challenges are clearly the highlight of my week :)

Here's the "right" pic:

Check out more floral pics over at The Paper Mama- really, these challenges are super fun! :D
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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Shannon said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Love your editing style choice too. Wow where do they get those eyes? YOu or Daddy?

Ashley said...

thank you Shannon :)

I'm not sure on their eyes! haha :) Ryan and I both have blues but they're not nearly as vibrant as theirs are. :)

Nicole said...

Ok so lets see how this works. : )