Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Not Very) Wordless Wednesday

This week is picture week at the Saint Augustine Dance Conservatory (my mom's ballet studio).

A few years ago, I was inspired to start dabbling in some photography. 

Dabbling led to obsession;  watching youtube tutorials on how to operate photoshop, reading any book, article, blog that gave photography tips, and of course shooting with my camera

Fast forward to present day.  I feel pretty confident in my natural lighting, family/kids/senior shooting.  I love those magical hours after 4pm where the sun makes everything look like you're in a snow globe (through my lens:).  I love super close details; eyelashes, a single wrinkly baby foot, or sticky ice cream hands. 

Where is this all going?

Apparently since I do know a thing or two about photography and lighting, my mom thought it would be a good idea to have me do the studio pictures. 


Not my style.  I hate flash.  I hate fake lighting.  I hate white backdrops. 

But, I've conferred with a great photog friend down here in FL, and she's come to my rescue, teaching me all she knows about working with an external flash, preventing shadows, creating a nice, clean look. 

So... with all that said (haha this is SO not a wordless Wednesday post!) here are a few of the pictures of my little ballerina that have transpired this week:

Happy Wednesday!  And here's to this week being over, and some natural lighting!  EYEYEYE!

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1 comment:

The Williams said...

Your pictures turned out great! I was looking at Maeve thinking it seems like just yesterday Olivia and Caitlin were taking Cherubs...