Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets.

  • Hey!  Remember that big long post about all those things I was going to blog about?  I failed.  Really, really failed.
  • Henry has been running fevers so randomly.  He'll be good for a few days and then all of a sudden run a low grade fever, get fussy, take a nap, and wake up fine.  That's bizarre isn't it?  If anyone has any idea what this could be- or if we should take him to the doc, message me!
  • My grandma FINALLY got to come home from the hospital.  After a bazillion (or something) misdiagnoses, they finally did exploratory surgery, and found a huge mass in her small bowel.  They removed 6 inches of her intestine and a few days later, she was well enough to come home!  She's doing really well- her follow up is next week- crossing our fingers the mass is nothing more than just a benign fibroid tumor.
  • Speaking of my amazing grandma... we had "grandma" Christmas last night.  We gave her our gifts (she didn't want to do any kind of celebrating in the hospital- she had tubes down her throat and nose- and was miserable) and she gave us ours.  Drumroll please..... grandma, got our family (Ryan, the kids and I) one HUGE gift this year... a 4 day trip to Disney in September!!!  I was SO excited opening that card!  When we got home last night, I hopped right on the computer, looking at hotels... we've got it narrowed down to "The Art of Animation" resort (BRAND new- it opens in June and is a value resort!! If you're a Florida resident, rooms start at 79 a night ;) or the Port Orleans Riverside resort.  I think the kids would like the animation one better, but Port Orleans is closer to the parks... hmm... anyways, we are so excited, so thankful and SO blessed to have such an amazing gigi/grandma! :)
  • I seem to have an unnatural obsession with Chickfila.  It's out of control.  I don't have pregnancy to blame it on either... so really- my habit is disgusting.  But I bought FIVE cow calenders (for those who don't know what a cow calender is- its a chick-fila calender with coupons for free items)  Anyways, I'm stocked up on free nuggets, shakes and fries for the year... blah!  
  • Today I had the best pedicure of my life!  Not only was it really good (the massage, the nail painting, etc.) but it was CHEAP- 24 bucks!  I was so excited :)  My toe nails are painted purple though- which I thought was cute... Ryan thinks they look like kid nails.  But the title of the polish was "prosperous purple"- I thought that was very fitting for a New Year pedicure! 
  • This week marks the start of a very, very, long work week for Ryan.  That makes me sad for 2 reasons.  #1, I know he's going to be exhausted working 10 hour days... and #2, the kids and I are already missing him!  I have activities lined up for this week, in an attempt to keep the kids busy and occupied.  The temps are lowwww for the next 2 days, so it looks like we'll be inside.  I went to the dollar store and spent 35 bucks on sensory bins.  I'm so excited to make them tonight!  We're doing alphabet soup, gardening, creepy bugs, pirate and under the sea bins.  (one a day)
  • Publix is THE BEST.  Do you know they sell soup bread bowls (for $1.80) that are better than Paneras?  Tis true, tis true my friends.  They also sell chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops.   
  • Let's see... my little miss Stella is 5 months old.  Howwwww???  Baby time flies too fast.  I've already declared to anyone who cares to listen that whether Ryan likes it or not, I WILL have a 4th baby! haha ;)  Hopefully Ryan will be on board, otherwise this baby idea of mine won't be possible. ;)   I'm pretty confident that once Stella enters school, he'll be having baby fever.  Plus, with all 3 kids in school all day, what in the world would I do with myself?  Why of COURSE I'd need another baby! ;)
  • I also want a white kitten with blue eyes. 
  • Yes, I might be losing my mind ;)

Goodnight- and have a good week everyone!! :D

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