Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Morning

Last night... I baked some ribbons.  Yes... I baked some ribbons in my oven.  This morning, I assembeled said ribbons into a mickey/minnie mouse bow for Disney World.  My plan was to get 2 bows out of the 6 dowel rods of ribbon I used, but I ended up with one (kind of weird shaped) bow.  Oh well... you get the idea.

My pretty ribbons awaited me this morning....

Oh... hello Stella!

Maeve dressed herself... very typical morning :)  I love it :)

Henry has no clothes on (again- very typical)

The dog, snoozing in the morning sun light.
 Hi there again miss Stella!
After I finished the bow, I ran up to Maeve and said "LOOK WHAT MAMA MADE!"  She looked up from the computer for a fraction of a second and said, "Oh." 

This was our Monday morning... :)

My prayer for this week:  Health and safety for our family... please God, no more sickness.  Please.

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k and j said...

cuuute, cute kids you have :)

and good job being crafty friend!