Friday, July 29, 2011

friday night leftovers.

  • I'm still very pregnant!  At my appointment today, I measured a week and a half larger.  But I was assured by the midwife that the baby really isn't too large at all.  She's predicting that if I were to give birth today, the babe would be around 6 lbs.  Unfortunately for me, the baby probably isn't coming for at least 2 more weeks... how much can a babe gain in 2 weeks?  Hmmm...
  • I opted out of getting my cervix checked- I was thinking if she were to check me and I wasn't anymore than a 1, I'd be grumpy all weekend.
  • Would you believe that I STILL have a UTI???  After a week on macrobid, they're switching me to cipro (??spelling??) for 10 days- apparently I have a "very complicated UTI"- that's what the midwife said anyway.  Cross your fingers this med works because I am beyond frustrated and DONE dealing with these things.
  • We still don't have a middle name for this little girl :/
  • We went to a fancy place for lunch today with my grandma, mom and sisters to celebrate Emily's 21st birthday.  My grandma had gotten Maeve a purse as a surprise, and Maeve was really into filling it with stuff.  To my knowledge, she had stuffed in some candy, crayons and a few packets of sugar.  When we got home, she wanted to show me what was in her purse- out came french fries, swiss cheese, sugar packets and a spoon.  Whoops ;)
  •   Speaking of food (when am I not speaking of food?) Publix has this amazing family combo dinner for 9.99.  We literally fed our family of 4 (and a half) for ten bucks tonight.  The meal consists of either a rotisserie chicken or a pack of fried chicken (from the deli), 2 sides (we got potato salad and mac. salad), Hawaiian sweet rolls (THE BEST!) and a gallon of iced tea or lemonade.  Good deal, huh???  I'm pretty sure we'll start integrating this into our weekly meals.
  • The heat index for tomorrow is 105...  I love warm weather- but this is kind of nuts.  The only thing I can think of doing on a day that hot is either lying in the pool or the ocean.  I think we're opting for the ocean tomorrow.
  • Have you seen "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs?"  I dvr'd it the other night and the kids have been wanting to watch it at least once a day.  It's so cute!  And it makes me super hungry.
  • my wisdom tooth on the right side of my mouth is driving me crazy.  It's aching SO bad... and I think its pushing and squishing my other teeth as well... I need to find a dentist or a oral surgeon to get this thing out as soon as the baby's born.
  • I am still very scared about life with 3 kids.  Now that we're in FL, and I have my mom right here to help, I'm not as scared- but still, logistically, I'm thinking I'm in trouble.  For example, transporting the kids from the car to the house- at the moment, Maeve walks and I carry Henry.  Yes, Henry can walk just fine, but he does NOT hold a hand well at all.  In fact, when I try to hold his hand he plops down and screams until he wriggles away and is free to run.  Today as I was walking into the house, juggling my purse, camera and keys, oh- and Henry, I panicked a bit thinking about how I was going to add an infant into the mix.  Any ideas??? 
  • It's been a ton of fun having both of my sisters here... I'm sad Meghan has to go back to Mississippi on Sunday.
  • I'm in the middle of reading "Molokai" and I'm not sure if I like it or not.  I guess I'll have to see how it ends.  It was on the Target book list, so I was thinking it would be a guaranteed good read- and it is good, but not comparable to a few books I've read lately (Water for Elephants, umm... Twilight ;) 
  • I've really been missing our house lately.  We were told it was broken into, trashed and the thought of that makes me so sad.  We worked so hard on that home.  The condo we're staying in now is fine- but its soooo vacationy- feeling.  It feels like we're borrowing/renting everything.  I can't wait to own a house again and be able to make it feel very HOMEY...  ahhh little blue house on Pemberton Lane... I miss you... :(

And here are some photos from throughout the week...


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Leslie Collins said...

Were you at the Columbia? How fun! Your sisters are so pretty and I love MaeMae's outfit.

Reyna was asking about M tonight. She got all teary eyed and asked when she was going to see her again. When you change your long distance plan, we need to chat.

It makes me sad to hear that your house was broken into. We had many playdates in that house. :( I can only imagine how you must feel.

Hang in there with the pregnancy. Just thin, once this babe arrives, all she will do is grow up!

Shannon said...

I had the same worry, still do sometimes with having THREE, I'm two months in and I can tell you this, baby front carrier has been a life saver! I wear that with baby in tow, then my 2 1/5 yr old son goes into front cart and daughter walks beside us. That's if I MUST get out with them all, and that's a must bc I and the kids will go crazy inside all day! Not much longer looking forward to hearing what her sweet name will be! Good luck with the delivery, and OH get ready for the BIG ?- all of the time, ARE YOU DONE NOW? ARE YOU HAVING MORE? bc since having my 3rd its been like a topic of convo with strangers and random distant family members.......A-nnoying. :)

Danifred said...

The french fries and swiss cheese is hilarious. I've found random crap in my purse over the years.

Hang in there Mama- you're almost to that 40 week mark :)