Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers (The "we're moving... holy cow!" edition)


There is a lot to write about. 

Overwhelmed is an understatement... but it will be okay.   It WILL be okay! :)

  • Last Thursday, Ryan interviewed with a big insurance company down in Jacksonville, FL.  We basically threw everything we had (financially anyway) into this interview- (as its not cheap flying down to Florida). 
  • Yesterday (Thursday- which was a week after his interview)  I got a call that went something like this:
                   Ryan:  "Ash?  Hey.  I got a phone call."
                   Me:  "Okay." 
                   Ryan:  "We got the job."
                   Me:  "Okay.  No you didn't.  You did.  Oh my gosh.  HOLY CRAP."
  •  He is starting June 22nd.  We are in Michigan.  This job is in Florida.  My mind is a wreck right now!
  • I am thrilled beyond words about finally- finalllllllly- getting out of this state.  If you know me at all, even just a smidgen, you know that I've always longed to live back in Florida.  (or really anywhere other than Michigan). 
  • Surprisingly, I've been very emotional.  There are a lot of people here that are like family to me.   And thinking about saying goodbye makes me incredibly sad.  And then there's this whole pregnancy thing.  Yeah... I'm 7 months pregnant, and having to switch doctors... heck- hospitals, states!  I am super nervous.  I have a very trusting bond with my midwives and OB- I mean, I trust their word like its everything- it will be hard to put my baby and I into someone else's (a strangers) hands.  I keep reminding myself that women have babies in bathrooms and out in fields.  I am not moving to a 3rd world country here... its Florida- they have fabulous medical care.  I will be just fine. 
  • As soon as I got the word that we'd be pulling out of Jackson, MI on June 16th/17th (still not for sure on the date), I had this urge to purge.  I have garbage bags all over my house, filled with things that I am appalled to say that I've kept for so long.  For example... I found those stretchy mesh undies they give you after you give birth- a whole stack of them- under my bathroom sink.  I've been cleaning and emptying drawers like crazy.  And yet, looking around, it doesn't look like I've made a dent.
  • This is such an off/odd fact- but something I've been thinking about lately.  My mom had Meghan and I in St. Augustine, FL and then moved up to Michigan when she was pregnant with Emily, the 3rd kid in our family.  We're in the exact same boat- I had Maeve and Henry here in Michgian, and my 3rd, will be born in Florida.  It's like a flip flop or something.  I'm taking this as a good sign- :)
  • one of the most exciting things for me, about moving to Florida, is the prospect of promoting and starting up a real photography business.  I haven't done any real pushing or advertising up here just because Jackson is such a small area and I'm afraid to step on anyone's toes.  Unleashing myself (haha :) in St. Augustine, where I know NO ONE (other than my parents:)  will be super exciting.  I actually just created a fan page on facebook- ashley rita photography -that's listed under JACKSONVILLE, FL ;)  If you'd like to "like" me, I'd like that a lot ;)
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Manda said...

Congrats again Ashley. :) Despite my obscene jealousy over getting out of this crud town (heck crud state) I am super happy for you guys. :) This can only mean it's my turn next right?!

Kristin said...

Here from FNL...Congrats on your husband getting the job and good luck with your move.

April said...

Congrats on the upcoming move! And your hubby's new job of course. :-)

I don't blame you about worrying about leaving your OB/midwfe cuz I would have felt the same way if I had to move out of state at seven months preggo! But I'm sure you will do just fine. :-)

Becky said...

Congrats on the new job and the move... I'm with Manda though - I'm super jealous! I'd love to be moving to Florida and get out of Michigan!

Danifred said...

Oh my goodness! First, congratulations! Second, holy excitement! I'm sure you're a whirlwind thinking about everything you need to do. I can't imagine how much is on your plate. Have fun purging and can't wait to hear how the move goes. :)

k and j said...

i am so so so happy for you!

Nessa said...

Yippee for going to Florida!!

KimBerly said...

Congrats to you and your family. Did you find a place? Good luck on your new journey. So exciting.