Friday, April 1, 2011

friday night leftovers

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  • I think I started last weeks FNL post like this- but uhhh, I HATE THIS WEATHER!  Where the heck is spring???? 
  • My parents have offered to fly the kids and I down to Florida for a week... I've been really hesitant because flying SOLO, while preggo, WITH two kids under the age of 4 is not a whole lot of fun.  But I am so miserable with this weather, that I might endure the 3-4 hours of torture in order to get to Florida.
  • Maeve's been in a grouchy mood.  Today I instituted a 30 minute- "RELAX" time.  She hated it, of course.  But I was lost on what to do with her.  I forced her to put the leapster down, lie on the couch and watch 30 minutes of tv.  It worked for about 10 minutes.  I knew we got out of the "terrible two's" way too easily...
  • I really want to rent "Black Swan" but to be honest with you, I'm really nervous about watching it! haha how silly... but I get so creeped out by psychological stuff... I am wondering if it would be better for me to wait until I have this babe.
  • I'm getting bloody noses like mad.  I got them in both of my other pregnancies, but I think this one has been the worse.  It's gross times 100000.  There is absolutely nothing flattering about sitting at a restaurant and notice blood running down your lip.  (I know- its, really, really gross).
  • Henry has been "talking" a lot lately.  I say "talking" because I can only make out about every 10th word.  It's like "yabba yabba yabba jabba jabba mama yabba yabba."  Its really cute ;) 
  • Maeve and I have been doing 30 minutes to an hour of basic kindergarten work at night.  After Henry goes to bed (at 7), she hops right on the computer.  We work off of ABCya!  She's doing really, really well.  Not to brag or anything (okay, yeah I'm going to brag about my chick for a sec) she is a whiz at shapes, knows all her letters and numbers up to 20.  The thing that impresses me most, is this matching game she plays.  The premise is to match the item or animal to the correct letter- she is awesome at it!  All day long, she'll point out things and say, "Hey look!  T for TURTLE."  I am definitely a proud mama.  
  •  I am in the biggest cooking rut ever.  It doesn't help that 99 percent of the time I skip out on dinner and either eat cereal or yogurt... or cheese danish.  My poor kids and husband have had mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, and spaghetti over and over again.  I need to start cranking out some good food...
  • I miss my parents a lot... what's new?
  • Lola ate an entire Little Cesar's hot and ready pizza tonight.  Seriously... I'm not sure how much more I can take of that dog...
  • Oh.. and did I mention our super, HUGE, big news????  No?  WE'RE EXPECTING A GIRL!!!! :)  We had our big ultrasound today.  Dana (the tech) had the wand on my belly and said "Do you want to know the gender?"  I blurted out "YES" before I could even think.  We're seriously over the moon.  It feels like someone needs to pinch me... since I was in high school, dreaming about having kids (yep, I was one of those girls that wanted to grow up and be a mom) I had always wanted two girls and one boy.  We're not ruling out a fourth or anything, but I do have to say, that when I heard those magic words, "its a girl,"  I felt a peace- like this is it!  This is IT!   We can't wait to meet our little lady in August!
and yes, I know we've all seen ultrasounds, but this is for my mom and sisters who couldn't be here... :)


Shannon said...

Yay congrats!!!! Ok now names? Start a poll!! hehe You are like me 2 girls and a boy!

k and j said...

i totally knew it ;)

so excited for you!

Tiffany said...

So stinkin sweet. girls are great, expensive, and dramatic but full of love and cuddles.

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Yeah for a girl! I want one (already have 2 boys). If I could go to Florida for a week I totally would. I bet the kids will think flying is amazing and will be perfect angels all the way can hope. Go for it!

Sarah said...

Stopping in from FNL.

Congratulations on the girl! Yay!

Florida sounds wonderful. I bet the kids would be excited about the plane!

I did the same thing with dinner when I was pregnant. All I wanted was cereal but I still had to cook!

Danifred said...

Congratulations! Yeah for girls!

And, it sounds like a trip to sunny Florida might just be in order :)