Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rambles & Things :)

  • LOVELY weather!  Right???  I actually got a little toasty while walking outside today :)
  • McDonalds was out of shamrock shakes today- umm... I may or may not have said an obscenity over it.
  • Maeve has decided she now doesn't want to go poop OR pee on the potty.  She wants diapers.  I am beyond frustrated.
  • I met a new neighbor this morning at the park and it feels great to have someone so kind and young, with lots of things in common, living right next door :)
  • Insomnia has been really horrible lately.  I usually fall asleep okay- its staying asleep that's a problem.  I usually manage to watch at least one full lifetime movie in the middle of the night.  Thank goodness for LMN :)
  • I am so. so. so. over St.Patty's day.  Now let me explain.  I'm all for green cupcakes, pancakes, juice, etc. (all of which, we had today)  I like dressing the kids in green and all that good stuff, the part I'm over is the bar crap.  Ryan and I were talking tonight and were remembering St. Patty's day like 5 years ago or something- the problem is, we both don't really remember it and to this day I can't look at Guiness or Bailey's.  BARRRRRF.  I'm happy to stick with green foods and some nice crafty kids projects ;)
  • Speaking of kids, Henry is 18 months, and still not saying a whole lot.  Am I worried?  Ehhh... a little.  But I've been told hundreds of times not to compare Maeve to Henry.  Still though, it seems that at 18 months, he should know his animal noises, and basic words... he jibber jabbers all day long,  but nothing comes out that we can really understand... the occasional "mama" or "dada."  Oh and he says, "bye." 
  • Maeve has been addicted to this website called StarfallLeslie introduced us to it and we allow Maeve to "play" it for about an hour each night.  I usually sit with her and work through the little activities.  Last night we learned about action words.  I wasn't sure how much was sticking and how much was just a fun game for her, but tonight at dinner, Ryan asked her about action words and I kid you not, she rambled off a great list:  "Running, dancing, skipping, jumping...  its what the bunny is DOING."  (the game involves some rabbit...) 
  • I think I'm having allergy/sinus problems... it could be both, it could be one or the other- but whatever it is, I feel like I have bricks in my head.
  • I was in Walmart the other day with the kids and this woman drove by on her amigo/scooter- Maeve looked up and stared- I mean, hardcore STARED at her.  I was praying she wouldn't shout out something embarrassing- she didn't thank goodness- but after the lady was gone, I asked her what she thought about that, and she told me "that's kind of crazy." And then erupted into a laughing fit. 
  • Lola got locked in our garage the other day (on accident).  How did that happen?  Well, we all piled out of the car with ice cream (melting ice cream).  Each of us had a kid and we hustled in, to get them to their high chairs.  Ryan or I, whoever was last, must have just slammed the door shut without noticing the Beans was still in the garage.  About TWO HOURS later we realized she was missing (whoops) and found her in the garage- surrounded by about 10 ripped up trash bags.  Trash. Was. EVERYWHERE.  (because of course the day Lola gets stuck in the garage would be the day before trash day, right?) 
  • I love, love, love all the baby movement!!!  When my kids nap during the day, I hop on the couch or in bed and just lie there, enjoying the bumps. 
  • I need to bite my tongue and stop telling people our baby names- I keep getting some mad negative feedback.  When it comes down to it, why should anyone really care what WE name OUR child?  Hormones are raging... they're raging.
  •  I'm beginning to get a little bit nervous that this is just going to be a crappy pregnancy.  I felt so great with Henry, and I took that for granted.  Even Maeve- I had a horrible 1st an 3rd trimester with her, but a great 2nd.  I am well into my 2nd trimester with this lobster and I am still feeling like caca.  I don't vomit anymore (knock on wood) but I am still getting the rush of saliva, and queasy, car sick feeling if I eat the wrong thing, if I eat at the wrong time, if I eat too much, if I eat too little, etc.  I still gag while taking my meds and brushing my teeth.  I'm just tired of feeling so yucky.
  • So does anyone watch "One Born Every Minute?"  Ryan and I watch it each week (yeah, he actually likes this show ;).  Of course, anyone going into labor (even Michelle Duggar) has GOT to be a little bit nervous- but after watching a few of these episodes, I am seriously starting to panic a bit.  Why does it seem like in every episode, a baby gets super stuck?  The doc has to climb on top of the woman, the nurses are holding her legs up over her head, and there are more instruments being thrown in there than I've ever seen.  It's absolutely terrifying.  And I have a good friend (I won't mention her name just in case she wants to remain anonymous ;) whose 2nd baby got super stuck.  I'm hoping my (almost) 9 pounder has cleared the way for anything that decides to come through.
  • My mind is so heavy with stress right now.  I don't really want to get into it, but it involves moving, the house, blah.
  • I heard someone was moving into our old house (the house on Morrell).  I cried.  What is it about homes and emotions??
  • I am so sad and worried for Japan.  I have to turn off the news at night- its completely terrifying.  I have to steer clear of the yahoo articles, my People mag. articles... It's just so awful and scary.  One of the saddest things I've seen was actually on the weather channel this evening.  It was a video of two dogs- youtube it if you want, but it was the saddest thing ever.
  • We watched "The Fighter" two nights ago and I was pleasantly surprised.  If you can get past the way (WAY) overused f word, it was actually a pretty good movie.  I normally don't like sport movies... 
  • I know I said this on facebook a few weeks ago, but OMG- two words:  BABY BOOM!  It's so exciting to see so many friends having babies!!! :)  YAY!  
  • My sister is coming home for the summer.  I'm not sure what her exact purpose is with coming here, but I'm pretending its so she can be my nanny :)  If anything, I am SO EXCITED to have a babysitter back in town!!!! :) :)  
  • Both of my kids have runny noses and coughs.  Maeve seems a little worse, but neither one has run a fever since they were sick with strep and pneumonia (2 weeks ago?) so I haven't taken them in.  The coughing gets bad at night though... like right now- as I'm typing this, I can hear Maeve hacking... to take her in?  Or not to take her in?
I think those are all my random thoughts for the night... I'll leave you with some (two shade darker) spring pictures ;)

They love playing together- can't you tell? ;)

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Courtney said...

I really like the second photo of the ball! Love the PP! I actually don't notice them being darker!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Such sweet captures! I know that your photos stay "truer" if you host them on a photo site and embed them in your posts, but that's just too much trouble for me. :)

Hope you can get out and enjoy the weather this weekend!

Ashley said...

thank you ladies! :)

k and j said...

shiz, we are so much alike.

um email me your baby names because the 2 that i have (that are pretty much set in stone) keep getting shot down! i really don't care though :) tell me yours and i will tell you mine, then we can be realllly honest with each other. haha.