Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Half Way There!

Okay, this pregnancy has FLOWN by.   I'm 20 weeks today, and my ultrasound is Friday... I love all this baby stuff, but gosh, I am so not ready to go through labor yet! 

I'm feeling pretty good (knock on wood) as far as being preggo goes... I've had lots more energy (thank GOD!) and I'm still sleeping comfortably.  My stomach isn't too big yet; I even painted my toe nails last night- no problem whatsoever! :)  I'm definitely carrying this baby way differently than I carried Maeve or Henry.  This babe feels so absorbed- not sticking out at all.  I feel like I'm carrying (it) around my hips, and waist... yuck, kind of expanding to the side rather than the front. 

Weight wise, I am still around the same as when I started this pregnancy.   Which completely, totally blows my mind.  I eat like a 3 year old.... mac and cheese, fries, ice cream... and of course my go to (which I'm actually eating right now)... cheese danish & orange juice :)  YUMMM.

Both of my babies (Maeve and Henry) were quite the movers while in the belly.  And this one seems to be following suit.  I remember asking Dr. P about kick counts- as long as you get 10 kicks in an hour things should be good- I'm already counting around 30 and hour... with Maeve and Henry, around 25/26 weeks I remember counting up to 100.  Nuts!  And yes, on the outside, both of my kids are still as wild as ever. :)

The only complaint I have right now, is my inability to swallow my prenatal.  I don't know what it is, but I can't get that stupid pill down.  I've been chewing flinstones all week...  I'm planning on asking about that at my next appointment.

So the BIG ULTRASOUND is on Friday (April Fools Day!)... and the BIG question is "Are we finding out?"  My answer is still:  I have no idea.  I think chances are better that we'll leave knowing the gender, because when it comes down to it, I am the most impatient person ever.  But I like to think about waiting and having that big surprise in August...

Anyways, here's a pic of me today... at exactly 20 weeks.
ewww ignore the fat rolls on my side... blah.

And here's what the baby is looking like (size wise, anyway):

Holy cow a cantelope??? 

PS-there is a major baby boom going on right now :)  and I LOVE IT!  I have had a few friends in the past few weeks tell me they're preggo (sorry, who those peeps are will remain a secret :) and I am SO, SO, SO EXCITED FOR ALL THE BABIESSSS!!!!

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Jessy Schoch said...

Can't believe you're 20 weeks already!! Crazy how fast time goes by!! You have a cute little belly, enjoy it :)

Photo Freak said...

I dont see a fat rool. A beautiful belly I see!

k and j said...

don't find out fool!

and you actually look pretty darn skinny everywhere :)

i am jealous of your thin arms!