Tuesday, March 15, 2011

18 Weeks

I had my 18 week appointment yesterday- it was your very typical baby appointment... which is a good thing! :)  Everything checked out fine.

Heartbeat was in the 140's, I'm measuring fine and I think I'm back to the weight I started at.  (Maybe a pound over?)  Anyways, everything is going really well :)

We set up the big ultrasound for April 1st (yes, April Fools day ;) and I'm still pretty set on not finding out the gender... although, I'm not promising anything- I could totally cave!

As much as I miss Florida, its nice to be back home so I can take my daily naps... The kids both go down around 1 and if I'm lucky, they'll both sleep for an hour and a half, although Henry sticks closer to an hour.  Still though, one hour naps are very, very nice. :)  Besides the morning sickness, the fatigue has definitely been the hardest thing to deal with.   I think I've given this piece of advice before, but I'll give it again:  If you're in your first pregnancy, SLEEP ALL YOU WANT AND ALL YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!  :)

At 18 weeks, the babe is the size of a sweet potato... how cute ;)

And here is what I look like :)
ewwww ignore the dirty mirror...

I think I'm carrying high- what do you think?

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Leslie Collins said...

aw. :)
yes, i would say you are carrying high. i did with the girls.....just saying! hahaha.

Jill said...

Thank you for the advise....about being a NEW mom-to-be :)
My babies heartbeat was 150 and it was a boy....but I have no clue on how to predict boy/girls. That is why we found out :)
Hope all is well and you look great, as always!!