Thursday, February 24, 2011

OLIVE you... (I love you:)

This blog has turned into my baby book... with maeve, I had an actual hard cover book that I wrote in, pasted pictures in, filled out, etc.  With Henry, ummm, lets just say I slacked.  This time around, I'm trying to document as much as I can on here... I am planning on getting my blog published one day (into a personal book- not like PUBLISHED published! ;), so I think it will be fun to look back at the wacky things pregnancy does to your (my) body.

Today, I'm writing about olives.  Specifically, my love for them...GREEN olives that is.  Quite literally, I just ate an entire pouch.  I was feeling pretty good, seeing that the caloric count is only 25 cals per serving, but then I realized there were 7 servings in said pouch.  All 7 salty servings are now happily (for the moment anyway) in  my belly.  Along with my pouch of olives, I also had some cheese.... garlic cheese to be exact.  "The Laughing Cow" makes some fantastic, drool worthy, spreadable cheese.  Normally I spread them on crackers or something, but today I just ate the cheese.  Like scooped it out with a fork and ate it, in between bites of olives.  To wash it all down, I chose sparkling peach water... I know, don't even ask.

Anyways, it was good, and I'm preggo so poo.  :)

Oh and remember my "Wordless Wednesday" post?  Are you just dyyyyying to know what Maeve was doing in this picture?

I thought so...

Let me tell you :
She actually had a booger on her finger (I know- so gross and probably not what you were expecting) and she was trying to get it off her finger.  In her words, "It is so sticky mama."  ummm yuck?  But cute pic, eh?

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Shannon said...

Yum olives!!! She is so cute and that is soooo funny!