Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers... the complaining edition ;)

  • Maeve and Henry both of runny, icky noses.  Henry seems to be feeling fine- but Maeve told me her head and throat hurt.  :(
  • I have been having horrible back pain with a low grade fever- I went to the lab yesterday to do a urine test... I'm thinking UTI and/or kidney infection?... again.
  • You may or may not remember that my wedding band and engagement ring are MIA.  Actually, I've come to the realization that they're gone.  GONE, gone.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel a little sick to my stomach from that thought.  It isn't about the rings themselves, its the stories they hold.   With that said, I've had to "move on," so to speak... meaning, I am now ring shopping again.  Blah.  I never knew the price (and still don't know the price or value) of the rings I had- I don't even want to know- but this time around, (haha its like I'm getting engaged again ;)  we're on a Walmart budget.
  • ...Walmart budget... which leads me in to my next rant.  I am a gossip magazine junkie.  I fear however, that reading these magazines is leading to some bitter feelings on my part.  I have a really hard time reading about "so & so's" 15th marriage.  That's awesome that they can fly to Maui, exchange $500,000 rings (for the 50th time) and treat their friends to a week in paradise.  But that's just not even remotely practical or relevant in my world... I start to think, "What if... instead of buying $500,000 dollar ring, you were to donate that money to all the people in this country who can barely heat their homes??"    Yuck.  It just makes me bitter. I think I'm going to put a nix on the magazines for awhile. 
  • Okay. Facebook.  We watched "The Social Network" last night, and it was really, really good.   My husband is as anti-facebook as one could get... I'm pro-facebook ;)  It was fun watching it together.  Facebook, in my opinion, is a genius idea.  So simple- but so genius.  
  • This weather is biting.  No, really.  It's BITING cold. 
  • My poor Maemae's lips look AWFUL.  We slather them in carmex and chapstick during the day, but every night she picks them.  It looks like she has a ring of chocolate frosting around her lips... but its dried blood :(... How in the heck do I get her to stop picking in the middle of the night???
  • Yesterday I hit our neighbor's mailbox... the same neighbor's mailbox that I hit last year.  Embarrassed much???  I was feeling okay, because I didn't do any damage to the car- and because of the snow, the mailbox is still propped up... However, a mere three hours later, I plowed into Ryan's car.  Don't ask me what was up... I'm blaming baby brain... and the ice of course.
  • Why does McDonalds breakfast have to be so bad for you???
  • I think we're taking the kids to a hotel for Valentines day (weekend).  Just for a night- and somewhere in the Auburn Hills area.  I want to do "The Rainforest Cafe" and let them swim...  ahhh that sounds so nice...
  • I've had my nose in a book for the past month or so.  I read the little murder mysteries so, its more like one book per week.  But I have become so addicted to taking long (VERY LONG) baths at night and getting lost in whatever book I am reading.  Last week it was a book by Harlan Coben.  This week, its James Patterson.  yum yum yum.  Which leads me to.....
  • BOOK suggestions???  I was actually going to do a separate post on this, but its getting lumped into FNL.  I like mysteries and I happen to really like mysteries that take place in tropical locales... Know of a good, tropical mystery?  Please let me in on it! ;)

And with that... Happy FRIDAY!

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Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Sorry Ashley, I have no suggestions for books (not much of a reader), but I wanted you to know that my kids' lips are terribly chapped too. I've tried everything, and nothing works well. Well, they might work, but I can't get them to stop licking long enough for the chapstick to work. Eucerine cream seems to work the best so far for us. PS. Did I tell you I got a camera!?!?!

The Williams said...

Hi! Well I have a book suggestion and it acutally came from my 13 year old. He suggested it a while back, but Tiffany (from a blog you follow) said she did the book on tape so I figured it may be for adults too. Its a three part series and the first is The Hunger Games. Now I will admit the premise of the book is a tad bit scary sounding, but there is a love story that unfolds admist all the drama. I read the first over a weekend, and the second on a Saturday. Im in the third and really am loving it!!!

Mrs. Z said...

Enjoying reading your leftovers! I'm reading the Hunger Games books right now and LOVE them! Just recommended them to two people. Easy reading but with a good story.

Suzie Kingsley (a.k.a. Kingsley Photography) said...

Nora Roberts- The Reef or The sanctuary! Both great ones of hers and on lake/ocean shores :) Let me know good ones you got!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

I'm so sorry about your rings:(

Maeve's mouth...vaseline. I've always found it works better then carmex or chapstick. Also, at night while she is sleeping try lansinoh ointment (for breastfeeding). If it works ob bleeding cracked boobies it will work on her little soft face. Try it! Let me know if it works:)

Danifred said...

I'm so happy you decided to join in with FNL! I love reading new blogs.
I found out a few years ago that some of the lip stuff out there is actually addicting because it contains alcohol as one of the active ingredients (which then continues to dry the lips out more). Tricky, tricky! We used to have to put straight Vaseline and Neosporin on our Tot's lips to help them heal.
I miss having the time to read for pleasure. I'll have to read vicariously through you!

Ashley said...

ooh the Lansonil is SUCH a good idea!!!! You're right- if it works on chapped nipples, it should be great on chapped lips... I am going to make a target run today :) Thanks!!