Wednesday, January 5, 2011

quick rundown...

First & foremost, we're home.

After a {suuuuper} long flight delay last night, we landed in Detroit around 11.  It was a long day, to say the least.

Today is our first home showing... which means I have been up since 6:30 (yeah, I'm pretty tired) scrubbing, sweeping, picking up, organizing, washing finger prints and other drawings off of walls, ya know.

We have ZERO food in the house.   This morning the kids got nutrigrain bars and SPRITE.  Holy cow.  We're headed to the grocery store soon (hoping to kill some time there during this house showing...)

I'm bummed I only took a handful of photos in Florida.  To my defense, both of my kids became incredibly sick for the last 3 days of the vacay, thus putting a halt on photography (especially photography of my children).  The first 4-5 days we were down there, the temp was in the 30's.  This meant, we hudled inside and once again, I neglected to take photos.  Did you know I hate my flash?  I do.  I hate it- I NEVER use it.  I despise it.  I'd rather turn my shutter down to 10 than to turn on my flash...  Anyways, this meant a lack in photos.

Last thing on this crazy agenda list... would ya? could ya?  PLEASE ..........PLEASE vote for my photo in the I Heart Faces photo challenge?  If so....

CLICK HERE & scroll down & down (and down) to photo #462!  That's my man :) 

More to come later.... for now, I've got one kid asleep on the couch (with a fever) and another asleep in my lap (yes, with a fever.)

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Manda said...

I'm with you about the flash Ashley I hate the thing. I even have the "extra flash" that you clip on it and I *think* I hate that even more.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a face! I hope today gets better and better.

Angie B said...

aww hope they feel better soooon!!