Monday, January 10, 2011

oh sweet Monday :)

Well... YAY!  I hopped on my blog this morning and read 16 (I think that's my record for comments... besides a give away:)  lovely, encouraging comments from some super sweet fellow mama bloggers.  I also am feeling some extraaaaa blog love today, because my friend, Manda, gave me a blog award!  Check it out:

In order to accept this award I must:

A - Thank the person who awarded to us.

B- Share seven things about myself .

C- Pass along our "stylishness" by awarding the award to 15 other bloggers, and then let them know I did it!

So.... #1... THANKS MANDA!

#2... 7 Things About Me:

  1. I hate fruity candy.... such as skittles, starbursts, sweet tarts, etc.  Barf.
  2. I have reoccuring dreams of plane crashes :(  They're always different, but have the same premise- a plane crashes... eek.
  3. I get my feelings hurt very easily. 
  4. I love honey :) 
 5.  I want a big family.... although pregnancy and I don't mix well.  And then there's the whole money thing... kids cost some big bucks!  :)
6.  If I had a million dollars (or enough money...) I'd live at Disney and order mickey waffles for breakfast every morning... and take the kids on "It's a Small World" every night :)  That's such a heavenly dream, huh?
7.  I am probably THE most unorganized person ever.  Really, its awful.

So those are some riveting facts, huh?  Now onto "rule #3".... my fave. 15 blogs :)
....and the award gets passed on to....

Each and every one of the blogs listed above are worth a good read/look at! :)  Keep sharing the bloggy love! :)

Happy Monday :) 


Ashley Sisk said...

Congratulations on the award and thanks so much for passing it along to me.

Angie B said...

congrats! and i think i am more unorganized than you haha

Tammy said...

Thank you, thank you for the award... So sweet of you!! :)

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Wow, thank you!!!

Deb said...

Thank you for the award!

The Captain's Wife said...

Wow, I am shocked, seriously. I have never in my 3+years of blogging got a blogger to blogger award. Very sweet, thanks so much.

BTM I am so glad that your littel man seems to be handling his boo boo like a trooper. Amazing how resilent these little guys are huh? My K slammed her eye into the corner of our family room table around a year old and sliced her eyelid open pretty good, poor thing has a scar for life there. If hurt us more than it hurt her :)

Style Attic said...

Hi there sweets! Thank you SO much for the shout out!! My apologies in being a day late, we have been snowed in and amazingly I have LESS time to compute :) I am enjoying the forced family time and the legit excuse to not have to go anywhere!! Always a pleasure to know that someone thinks something/anything of your blog :D I really appreciate the gesture! Hugs to stay warm dear XOXO, Kelly "Style Attic"!