Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(Not) Wordless Wednesday

In the words of Maeve,  "this winter is so sad."

...whatever that means... I took it to mean we needed out of the house.  ASAP.

I drove the kids over to Kids n Stuff, which is a great, *cheeeap ;)* little play-sorta museum.  There aren't any real exhibits or anything- its more like a giant room with lots of stuff to climb on, put your hands in, build, destroy, etc. ;)

We stayed for TWO hours- it was a success :)  The kids took a nice long nap this afternoon, and we are all feeling so much better.  It's amazing what just a couple of hours outside of the house can do to you ;)

Excited to be going to the "moooooseeem"

not a clue what's going on, but check out his blues! :)

playing the tubes...

planting a garden

taking it in ;)

running. and running.  and running.

catching fish (or stingrays?)

Henry's fave "attraction" was this little red bridge.  I couldn't get him off the thing ;)

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Jessy Schoch said...

When did Miss Maeve move into a booster seat?? How does she do in there?? I loved kids n stuff, so much fun!! Did you get a membership?

Nessa said...

Asw that place looks really neat!

parentingBYdummies said...

We used to go to a place like this before we moved out to the boonies. I guess The Dudes are starting to get too old for it anyway:(