Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Night.

Last night could go down as one of the worst nights in the history of my life...

Okay, so that's a bit dramatic... BUT- it was awful... AWFUL!!!!

Saturday, the kids were their normal selves.  We went out for dinner at Outback... neither kid ate a thing, but they weren't acting sick at all.  They were all over the place- under the table, on top of the table, etc. 

When we got home, I took out my camera and played with them in Henry's room for a bit.  I was getting a kick out of watching his little hands work so hard. 

A half hour or so into playing, I heard some coughing and a splaaaaat.  Henry had puked- like REAL puke.  It was disgusssssting.

I called Ryan in; he cleaned the carpet, I cleaned the kid.  :)

After Henry was showered and smelling pretty, we gave him a bottle of water and put him to bed.  And it was silent for an hour or so...

Maeve climbed into bed with me and wanted to watch cartoons.  It's a nightly thing we do- and I love it.  We usually eat apples (I have no clue why...) and she holds my hand while we watch Nick Jr.... its adorable :)

Last night, I went to get her an apple and she said, "No thanks.  My tummy huuuuuuuuurts." 

I thought to myself, "Dear God, please tell me she's being dramatic."

Unfortunately, she wasn't.   Literally, two seconds after she told me her tummy hurt, we heard Henry coughing and gagging.  Ryan and I both ran in his room- I took Henry (back) in the bath, and Ryan worked on cleaning his bed.  It wasn't 5 minutes later, and Maeve exploded- no really, EXPLODED all over her room.  I know this is disgusting, but I've really never seen anything like it.  Books, stuffed animals, her easel, her bed, blankets, carpet, blinds, - you name it, it was puked on.  Ryan ran and got Maeve and plopped her in the bath with me (and Henry)... now people, just imagine the smell...

I love my kids more than anything on this planet.  But the smell in the bath, combined with my already VERY sensitive nose & stomach, sent me over the edge.  I had to hop out and puke myself... NIGHTMARE!!!!

I could go on and on with this story- because it went on and on all night.  One kid would puke, I'd clean the kid, Ryan would clean the floor and then it was on to the other kiddo.  We gave Maeve a bowl, but she wasn't getting the concept of it.  Or she was, and just refusing to puke in it.  Anyhow, our washer and dryer have been running constantly since last night. 

Thankfully, 4 AM was our last puking episode (ala Maeve).   As of now, they have yet to eat anything today, but have been acting pretty normal. 

I'm serving bananas and toast for dinner... we will also be praying for a peaceful, non-pukeful night.

These are all pre-puke pictures... I took them for the Project 365 thing...


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Nessa said...

oh my! I hope everyone is keeping their dinner down and you get a peaceful night.

Eva did this, but before she had solid food. Not looking forward to that first time.

Miranda said...

That doesn't sound fun...

Love the pics. ;)

Leslie Collins said...

oh, honey! i feel for you. this was how it was when the girls were sick before christmas. and, i feel for the kiddos b/c this stomach bug that is going around is awful! hope everyone feels better soon and that you do not get it!

hope to see you this week.