Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ready for normal

I have been struggling with blogging lately.  Boo :(. 

I think the reason being, is that things are so out of whack down here.  Couple that with my inability to load pictures on the computer...and you get me; a lazy blogger.

Florida has been great- but I am ready for routine.  When did I turn into this old person that thrives on a schedule???

Really though, parents of kids can especially relate with me on this one- when kids are not on a schedule, its bad.  Baaaaadddd.

Nap times don't exist... neither do bed times.  Breakfast can be at 5 AM and (with NANA) it consists of chocolate chips (or whatever other teeth rotting thing Maeve can find).  Dinner is come and go- meaning, the kids aren't sitting for a scheduled dinner time- this meaning, they're not really eating a good dinner, resulting in hungry, cranky kids at 10 PM.

Potty training has taken a U turn.  Maeve has had more accidents in the past few days than she had the entire time potty training.

Oh sigh.

I'm ready for my own bed.  I'm ready for the kids to have their own beds.  I'm ready to have a vehicle back, for use whenever I may need it.  I'm ready to have my own bathroom- to not be sharing ONE with 10 other people...  (BLAH).  I'm just kind of ready to get back to "normal."

 I know after a few days in Michigan, I'll be counting down for spring break, but at the moment, I am longing for HOME!!!


Klove said...

We all have "these days". Don't worry, pretty soon you'll realize a normal again. XOXO

jennifer said...

I know you are loving the time with your family, but having no schedule just makes everything hard. I'd rather be homeschooling than on break for that very reason. There needs to be some kind of structure to keep me (and the kids)sane.

Christina said...

Awww. I can totally relate. And you don't neccessarily need to be traveling to be out of whack. My kids are on winter break, and it's a daily fiasco in my house. Unfortuntely I can't blame anyone but myself. It's been no rules, no schedule for the last week. Paritally because I've been so busy with preparations for Christmas....plus I've been waaay too lenient with wanting them to completely enjoy their holiday... time to get back into routine for us too :) Hang in there!

k and j said...

i hear ya girl!! we stayed at the inlaws christmas eve and i was like okay, i am done! and that was ONE night! ahhh :) when do you head back home??