Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear "Alpha Coney Island...."

"Sorry" is such a simple word, and sometimes that's all there is to say.

Tonight, we (as in my family of four) apologize to the wait staff as well as our fellow diners at, Alpha Coney Island.

Maeve specifically apologizes for throwing her hotdog onto the adjoining booth. She'd also like to do a shout out to anyone that was sitting behind us who got stabbed with forks or knives.

Henry says he's sorry for "screaming like a monkey" and spitting up rice pudding all over the high chair. He'd also like to say sorry to our super nice waitress for spilling dadda's drink not once, but twice.

As a family, we're embarrassed. Sorry Coney Island... we won't come back for awhile...

PS- if we DO come back, we understand if you don't want to give our family utensils, drinks or crayons (oh yeah sorry for the red scribbles on your white tables.)

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Leslie Collins said...

Oh, my. We have had dinner out like this and each time we do, I swear we will never eat out again.