Sunday, November 28, 2010

1 more day.

I have one day left here.

I am bummed.

But, at the moment, I do call Michigan home. So I am a little bit glad to be going back home.

I have a list of things to do before our Christmas trip (which is Dec. 23rd- HOLY cow... why didn't I just stay down here??? I could've saved myself the agony of more plane rides...ehhh)

Ryan and I talked about whether or not we were going to get a tree this year. We decided to get a "Charlie Brown" tree. Just a little one, maybe 3 feet tall, that goes on TOP of a table. Henry+ pine needles+ glass ornaments= disaster.

I am getting more excited by the day, to get home and load my pictures up. I need to start making these blog posts more exciting. I have so much to say, stories to tell, but I want pictures to highlight my posts.

It's been a wee bit depressing around here. One by one, my siblings are all leaving. Tyler was the first to go, on Saturday, and Meghan left early this morning. Emily leaves tonight, and we leave tomorrow. For 2 days, our house felt crowded, smooshed and full of chaos. Little by little, things are calming down. Blah. I hate goodbyes.

I will end this post on a very, verrrry positive note: Today is SUNDAYFUNDAY. We're going to church and the beach. YAY!

PS- can't wait to see my friends soooooon! OH how I've missed you! :)


Leslie Collins said...

the beach sounds awesome today.

Life of Linse and Brice said...

You get to see Brice and I on Saturday so that makes it even better to come home :-)

Brice and I have a little tree that is 3 ft tall and pre-lit from Kohls. We had it for three years. We wont get a real tree till we have kids and they get to be around 3 or so:-) Can't wait to see you guys!

Angie B said...

ohh the beach!