Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this fall...

my staples include (and in no particular order)

1. a ballerina bun.

2. blue nail polish.. in any shade... as long as it reminds me of the ocean.

3. Herbalife shakes... particularly the chocolate peanut butter, no bake cookie shake.

4. Jeggings.  And yup, I look like this when I wear them.

5. A stack of these babies.



8. These tunes:

9. My sweet specs (picture courtesy of MAEVE! :)

10. Oh yeah... guess I shouldn't forget this guy :)


k and j said...

cute! i have 2 posts in my drafts that are A LOT like this one :) thanks for sharing. WAY cute.

The Williams said...

Cute post! Are you shooting with a 40D? You upgraded? What do you think of it???

Ashley said...

thanks guys :)

Jules- I hope to see your post ASAP! I wanna see what your fall must haves are!

And yup- I upgraded to the 40d :) I love it- but what I think I love even more is the fact that I have the rebel now for my "everyday" camera :) I'm not so scared of dropping it or letting Maeve take a pic with it :)

The Williams said...

Dont mean to bug you...BUT, what lenses do you shoot with most? Which are must haves? I got my camera a couple months ago, still trying to learn it. Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated.

Ashley said...

for sure :) You're not on fb anymore are ya? hmmm... you can email me- ashleymckenney07@gmail.com with any thing! :)