Friday, October 29, 2010

real quick.

Nothing significant in this post.... but what's new?

Growing up, my mom was that mom who made huge celebrations out of holidays, birthdays, everyday- normal days. For Valentines day for example, all of our food would either be heart shaped or pink. And we loved it. That's something I most definitely want to carry on with my kids- the joy and excitement of "special days"- even if it means you stick candy corn on a peanut butter sandwich :)

SO...I wanted to jot down our Halloween activities for this weekend.... not our specific activities, because this public blog business has me a little on edge, but more like how martha stewarty I'm about to get... awwwww yeah!

Tonight we're having spaghetti (worms of course!) with a veggie platter and dip- the veggies will all be cut up to make a giant skeleton...(mushroom and pepper slices for ribs, tomatoes for eye balls, carrot/celery sticks for limbs) should be interesting and you can bet there will be pictures ;)

Tomorrow it's eyeball tacos for dinner: (basically tacos- but instead of the loose ground beef, I'm making meatballs- the "eyeballs"). And of course some graveyard brownies... (aka brownies with milano cookies stuck in them :)

Sunday, we're starting the morning off with orange pumpkin pancakes. For lunch the kids will have mummy pizzas (bagels with pizza sauce and string cheese draped over them- cooked, obviously). Dinner will be our traditional pirate stew, and I'm going to attempt to make some ghost pudding cups.

I'll be taking tons of pictures throughout the weekend of all these creations :)

Am I missing something? Is there a Halloween "go-to", "HIT" recipe in your house? If so, please share!

In the meantime, have a SAFE, HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! :)


k and j said...

i'm making these 2 things...

have a happy halloween!

Ashley said...

ooooh thanks :)

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Oh Ash, I just made these witches hats last night for the kids' halloween party at school and they were a hit.

Only 3 ingredients and just 15 minutes required :)