Thursday, September 16, 2010

things that make me go giggle.

M & H have been keeping me laughing. I am thankful- who doesn't need a good laugh? The older these two get, the closer they get. And I love it. Its making me rethink putting off having another baby for awhile- NO I will not be pregs anytime soon- but I do love the 2 year age gap. They pal around and really get a kick out of each other. I wanted to write some things down (for memories sake... and my parents who are sadly missing a lot of this) that make me smile/laugh....

-Every morning when we go in to get Henry (Henry out-sleeps Maeve by like 20-30 minutes), Maeve comes bounding in behind me, singing "Hello! It's really nice to see you!" (its this greeting song she used to sing in ballet...)

-Henry is ALL over the place- and into Maeve's stuff. Which, surprisingly, Maeve is really good about it... Henry pulls her hair, snatches barbies out of her hand, yanks on her necklaces. I see the desire in Maeve's eyes to swat at him, but instead EVERY SINGLE TIME- she says "No thank you Henry!" (and I laugh:)

-The other day both kids slept late and Ryan was home before they were up from naps. Maeve woke up, Ryan went in to get her, and with all the bustling/noise, Henry woke soon after. Ryan went in to get the bubs and Maeve came bounding in behind him saying, "Careful dadda! Henry is so big. He is such a big boy!" (this is what I say almost every single morning- "Hey my big boy!")

-its not October, but I have a feeling I will be one of those moms who brings her kids dressed as Indians and Pirates to Meijers in May. And I'm really not sweating it. There are worst things in life than having your ((almost 3)) year old decked out in a sparkly "Alice and Wonderland" costume.

- Maeve is pretty much pee pee potty trained. But poo poo is a different story. For some reason its just not her thing. She'd rather poop in a diaper. BLAH. Anyways, whenever I DO ask her if she needs to go poo poo on the potty, she says "Nooooo SPOOKY POO POOS!" She's terrified of pooping on the potty. After nap the other day, I was changing a diaper bomb and she said "ohhhh I have spooky PIRATE poo poos." WHAT?!?!?! :) HAHAHAH! "Yes Maeve. This poo poo is spooky." :) The funny thing is she doesn't say it every time... can anyone guess why one poo poo is spooky but the next is "fine?"

-on our trip to Florida, my mom and grandma (nana and gigi) got Maeve the FULL "Alice" ensemble. We were in a "Sonny's BBQ" place and she insisted on putting it on. I was thinking- white dress +BBQ= nightmare. But with nana, anything goes. Off they went to the bathroom to change. She came out with the headband, dress and her white rabbit. I said "Oh my goodness Maeve you're so beautiful!" Her response was "I'm Alice. Alice needs black shoes."

-So.... Lola (my dear, beloved dog...) got sprayed by a skunk... the day before I left for FL (the 8th?) and she STILL stinks (its now the 16th). I must say 100000 times a day, "Lola you reek, get away from me." Last night Lola jumped up on the couch next to Maeve. Maeve, normally a Lola lover, turned to her and said "Lola you stink like skunk. GO!" HAHA :)

-On the airplane ride down to FL. Maeve looked out the window and recited the entire "It Looked Like Spilled Milk" book. It was cracking me up- "Sometimes it looked like an ice cream cone... but it wasn't an ice cream cone." At the end, when she'd get to the "cloud in the sky" part, she'd shout super loud "IT WAS A CLOUD!!!!"

-when we pull into CVS, Maeve announces "Ohhh Momma sick? Momma get her medicines?" :)

-While being the daredevil that she (sort of) is, she looks back at me and says "MaeMae be SO careful. Momma will be SO sad if I gets boo boos." I tell her all the time how "sad" she'll make me if she does certain things- ie- "Maeve that will make momma very sad if you choose to jump on the couch and then you bonk your head." Or, "Maeve, momma is sad that you took all these dvds out and they're now scattered across the floor. They're not going to work now." So now, AS she's doing things, she'll look at me and say, "I make momma so sad?" I reply with "Yep, mommas sad you're getting into that, can we put it away?" She says, "Oh I sorry momma. You so sad. No, I not put it away... I'm playing."


Angela said...

So sweet. It's nice to "catch up" with the kids

Kase and Jules said...

maeve and henry sound hilarious!! love it :)

Angie said...

Just makes me smile:)