Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the call I knew was coming.

I got it. This morning... my dad called ant told me my uncle had died around 3 AM. I knew this call was coming. I knew the chaos was going to kick in. I guess I just wasn't ready. Because I'm kind of sitting in a daze.... searching for airfare, trying to get to my mom & grandma as quickly as possible. Everything else is being put on hold- garage sale, photo sessions, acupuncture appointments- everything. I'm just trying to get down to Florida. Not asking for sympathies. Just prayers for safe travels. And some prayers for my anxiety. I kind of feel like I just had 100 bricks topple on me. Or like a chicken with its head cut off- running around, not sure what to do next. Hmmm... anyways, I'll blog when I get back. Adios friends...

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