Thursday, July 1, 2010

Acupuncture Round 2:

My latest addiction? Acupuncture. I look forward to acupuncture like I look forward to a hair appointment or a pedicure or massage. It is THAT relaxing- if not more- and THAT wonderful.

Today I had MOXA burned on me. I was more nervous about the Moxa than I was about needling. Dr. Bigelow gave me instructions to let him know the second it started to feel warm. I was thinking, "Shoot- somehow I'm going to screw this up and end up in the ER with burns...." Ye of little faith :)

I did great- (not to toot my own horn or anything!:) But woooooo! It was a trip! The Moxa smelled like another healing herb that grows from the ground :) and it felt amazing. Again- when its happening, you don't really FEEL anything- for a split second it feels super hot- but that's it. BIZARRE I tell ya! Here are some pics I took of my feet after the procedure- teeny, tiny little Moxa burn marks! :)

(The Moxa "burns" are those brown dots)

I am so encouraged by the acupuncture. I went into it feeling like it was a goofy thing I was going to try out of pure desperation. And now I'm feeling like it's really working... and, well, I'm addicted! :) I have 2 appointments a week for the next month. The really fab thing? My doc and I talk about my meds at each appointment and THEN he does the acupuncture treatment- which means, my insurance is covering it :) WOOOO!

Along with the Moxa treatment, I also got needling on my back (15!!!), 4 needles in my feet and 2 on my collar bone. I'm getting used to the achy feeling that happens when he hits a good point. The first time I had it done the achiness kind of freaked me out... but now I'm realizing that when its aching, its working :)

I strongly, STRONGLY encourage you to check into acupuncture if you're suffering from really, anything! I've been so intrigued with it- and have been googling & reading about all the different things that acupuncture can treat and heal. It's pretty amazing.

I think I mentioned in my previousa acupuncture post that I am recieving 5 element Acupuncture. I asked Dr. Bigelow what element I am and he wouldn't tell me the exact element he thinks I am! :( He said I'd go home and google it.. NOOO! haha... me? Never. He DID say that he sees a lot of "earth" and "metal" in me. (Which I promptly googled...) And found this:

The Earth Element

(Spleen, Stomach)

The Earth element embodies the harvest, a time for enjoying the fruits of our labors. Ultimately, the Earth is the foundation, center and provider of all nourishment; physically, the Earth element is responsible for the digestion and distribution of food and drink. This Element also helps the processing and transfer of information and ideas. The nature of this element is motherly, supporting, sustaining, and embracing unconditionally. The Earth element fosters our ability to appropriately care for oneself and others, encouraging stability, security, understanding, contentment, satisfaction, and abundance.


The Metal Element

(Lungs, Colon)

The crisp, cool air and decaying leaves of autumn characterize the Metal Element. Metal exemplifies quality, purity, precision, brilliance and richness. In nature, the Metal element is differentiated in the air, stones, metals and trace minerals which enrich the soil. This element regulates the respiratory system and the process of elimination, enabling us to breathe and dispose of waste and toxins. On a non-physical level, problems with these organs strengthens negativity, pride, vanity, arrogance and impure ideas which can contaminate the mind. The emotion associated with Metal is grief, which is felt when we lose something that we value. Nevertheless, a timely letting go of the old is necessary for new energy, inspiration, and quality to enter. Metal commands honor, virtue, respect and helps us know and appreciate our divine, radiant nature.

I also found this:

The Earth CF Personality
Earth personalities are the sort of people that might be regarded as dependable, "salt of the earth" or "earth mother" types. They are giving and love to be helpful. However when their own needs are not being met they tend to become insecure and needy. They have a propensity, when out of balance, to be the world's greatest worriers and complainers as they desperately seek for their needs to be fulfilled.

Because of the spleen's role in distribution of nourishment, imbalances in Earth can lead to addiction to sweet foods and consequent weight gain. However it can also lead to food avoidance, " I can't eat when I am worried" malnourishment and all that this implies. Excess worrying can damage the Earth element and for that reason, needs to be avoided.

The Metal Personality
The Metal CF person is often a perfectionist or somebody who appreciates the finer things in life. Their inner feeling of emptiness or lack may be compensated for by an external show of finery, jewelry, fine clothing, a taste for the highbrow.

They may be quite judgmental and can seem remote and cut off. They can also have a sarcastic sense of humor that can be quite cutting. Their search for perfection in themselves can be like being on a continuous treadmill, since perfection is rarely achieved. Their confidence is often just skin deep and so they can be easily hurt if they experience lack of respect from others.

The striving for perfection can become excessive and when out of balance the metal CF personality may descend into the most awful state of chaos, never able to throw things out or let go of the outmoded.

OMG. I got CHILLS when I read those descriptions. Not like I am proud to admit that at times, yeah I'm selfish- but those fit me to a "T." I read them to Ryan and he couldn't even try to hold back his smile- he said "Ummm yeah. That's you." Crazy! I just find it all to be so interesting...

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amj said...

you said exactly what i always tell people about acupuncture--one that it's totally addicting and two that if a needle hurts its good! because it means they got a spot that really needed it. :) so funny....i'm so glad you're enjoying it but i'm not surprised. it is totally amazing and truly blissful.