Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something to Kill a Post...

Ya know, like killing time? Well... I needed something to POST about that didn't take much energy or effort. Found this... here goes:

Kissed a friend? Yes... Ryan is my bestest friend :)

Got a hicky? Yes

Cheated on a test? Yes

Cheated on your homework? Yes

Back-stabbed a friend? Yes

Told people someone's deep, dark secret? Yes

Looked up something on the Internet you shouldn't have? Yes

Lied to your parents/a boss? No... never. Haha YES

Spread gossip? Yes

Made up a false rumor to get back at someone? No

Stolen money? Yes (sorry mom! That coin jar was so tempting back in 5th grade!!!)

Talked about a "friend" behind their back? Yes

Talked about a family member behind their back? Yes

Talked about an enemy behind their back? HAAH YES...

Gotten in a big fight for no real reason? Yes (apple juice + crazy Beans is all I'll say about that one :)

Thought lustfully of someone? NEVER... especially not my OB! :)

Stalked someone? OMG...hahaha! What does "STALK" really mean? Like waiting outside their office if you know they're going to walk out within the next hour??? :)

Been Stalked? Nope

Made out with someone of the opposite sex? I'm married.

Made out with someone of the same sex? HECK NO.

Laughed at a joke that wasn't funny? All the time.

Taken a crazy dare? Yes

Gone streaking? Yes

Mooned/Flashed someone? HAHA yes! (anyone remember my 16th bday party???)

Caused someone major embarrassment? Yes.

Pushed someone into a pool? Yes

Got in a fight with someone and never made up? Yes

Bitten someone? I'm sure I did as a kid... who doesn't?

Copied someone's homework because you didn't do it? Yes (didn't we already do this question?)

Skipped school to get out of a test? Yes (College...)

Murdered someone? YES- hAHAHA! How completely random... ummm that would be a big fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kissed someone the day you met them? NO

Drank/did drugs/smoked a cigarette? Never smoked a cig or done drugs a day in my life... but I guess I've drank a little here & there :) ya know... :)

Copy & Paste for a really fast/quick/fun blog post :) Plus I'm nosy and would like to see your answers! :) HAHA :)

**Also- completely random but important- the garage sale has been moved to the 3rd week of June... more to come on that. I promise :)**

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