Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the "BIG" blog post!

Well... to be totally honest, it is BIG NEWS. But probably not what you thought you were coming here to read... no... sadly, we don't know anything about the job yet. Ryan was told he'd hear by Friday. I will update whenever we hear something.

So what is all this BIG news about??? Well let me tell you- its NEWS- for sure. And those of you have been close to us will be super excited to hear that.........

Maeve.... has decided she wants to go "potty" on the POTTY. And she did. This morning.

Yes- I enhanced the pee.

Since this morning, she has had one accident :( and won't poop. BUT a little tinkle on the potty is a start, right???? She is currently wearing a diaper because its nap time- and that would just be plain silly to think that she'd hold it through nap. She'll also be wearing a diaper tonight- its dress rehearsal and we're not even going to come close to risking her having an accident in the costume.

So... yes, that was my big news. Exciting here- I'm sure you all are less than enthused though :)


Leslie Collins said...

WooHoo! Go MaeMae. :) I still put a diaper on Reyna @ naptime and bedtime. :) If you need a little bribe advice, get some jelly beans and let her know they are strictly "potty candy." It worked for us.

Jessica Perry said...

Yay!! Good job Maeve!

Angela said...

Way to go Maeve! :) Verrry exciting news momma!

Angie B said...

hoorray!!! :)