Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What can I say? Really, what can I say for abandoning this blog for like ummm....3 weeks???!?!?!?!?!?! WOW. GUILT is sweeping over me ;) I actually do feel pretty bad about leaving y'all hanging in the middle of this AMAZING leg warmers give away! haah! :) So... without further ado, the winner of a pair of handmade, crocheted with love leg warmers from yours truly is.....

Sarah- facebook me about the size/color you want. I can make a pair for next fall/winter if you'd like. :)

Onto more business... I'm sure you all know we just got back from Florida- if you don't know you must be hiding under a rock because I updated facebook about 300000000 times- I am fairly sure I had a number of "friends" boot me from their friend list out of pure annoyance. BUT if I've still got your attention... well, good. Because I am going to be uploading pics & posting in waves. I don't want to forget a second (well maybe a few seconds are worth forgetting forever...ehhhh) of this trip, so I'm starting the Disney posts NOW. (Henry's sleeping, Maeve's eating- I've got about 5 minutes at LEAST! :)

Anywho, thanks for reading. Thanks for staying tuned. :)