Thursday, January 28, 2010

what to do on a day like this?

It's 11 degrees outside. The wind is billowing. My 2 year old has a fever, yucky nose and a horrible sounding cough and my 9 week old is well... just plain cranky. So, again I ask, "what to do on a day like this?"

Burrow away inside. That's the answer. Burrow, cuddle, drink HOT beverages and fiddle around with odds and ends.

Maeve's been having a runny nose for about 2 days now. No fever, just a gross nose. Last night she started getting SUPER whiny. She ended up sleeping with me because she was waking up every 20 minutes or so just whimpering and crying. She had a low grade temp of 99/100 but her main complaint (I think anyways...) was her congestion. She can't breathe out of her nose and the kid won't spit the nuk out. So there's a lot of phlegmy sounds coming from her at the moment. This morning, I thought she was doing a lot better but around 11 or so she crashed. And crashed hard. She is still sleeping- every once in awhile she'll start to cry and I'll go and lay with her until she falls back asleep. She's just having a rough day. :(

My fear is that whatever this "thing" is, it will turn into pneumonia. We've had that happen twice now. Maeve will start out with a cough and congestion and BOOM overnight, we're in the ER getting a breathing treatment. I'm keeping a super close watch on her fever (which has been gone since last night) and her breathing. Kids can be scary little bugs to deal with sometimes...

SO...with Maeve sleeping (its been 2 hours now) I've been crafting away. I am working on more flowers & a few other "surprises" that I will have to perfect before I am brave enough to blog about them.

About the "GUESS" post well... MAN you all guessed right! haha it must've been the piles of tulle that gave it away, eh? :) I have been working on a tutu to take to Florida for Maeve to wear on the beach. (I'm sure you're thinking..."tutu's on the beach? not too practical." but FABULOSO for taking pics in!) I LOVE the way it turned out- I personally think its adorable and the colors are the epitome of the "OCEAN." Which is what I've decided to name this tutu... the "ocean." :) I am most definitely putting these up on Etsy. They're selling like hotcakes for 35 & up!!! But let me let you in on a little secret... they don't cost anything CLOSE to 35 dollars to make. Yes, its a lot of labor, but the materials themselves don't cost 35 bucks. I'm thinking about listing them for around 15. And you, my blog readers will get 30% off if you so choose to buy one. That would put YOUR customized tutu at 11.50 (if my math is correct). But I'm not listing them quite yet. I need to "Maeve-atize" them first (she's my test dummy- def. not a dummy- but you know what I mean).

And I'm sure you've guessed right AGAIN... I will be having yet ANOTHER contest at some point here (probably when I get back from FL) to win a tutu of your choice. I'm sure you're wondering what's up with all these "contests"- first off, they're a blast for me- I love reading your opinions, comments and ideas... 2nd, my goal with giving away the flower clips & tutus are to get them OUT and into the hands of friends who I KNOW (HINT HINT) will give me some great positive criticism. Meaning... you will be honest with me and let me know what needs to be fixed/improved on, etc. So keep reading... a tutu will be up for grabs within the next couple of weeks :)

For now, here are some pics of our day thus far. (these were taken w/ my powershot... YES, I do have the rebel in my hands- not literally- but I haven't even begun to figure out THAT piece of machinery...WHOOOO!)

Starting the morning off with a little art project... Maeve picked it out at JoAnns the other day- a snake to paint... hmmm... she had fun with it :)

AND... duh duh DAAAAAAAAAAAA! Introducing my very first homemade TUTU. I didn't make Maeve dress up or even put her hair up... she was a sport for even putting it on this morning (with her yucky cold). Although she did love it and called it her "prettiful." In fact she exclaimed, "Oh my goooooodness! SO PRETTIFUL!"

And yes, things are still BLOOMING around here :) This is my newest fave. I think I might clip it to the tutu... we'll see...

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