Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Had the Rumble... ;)

Parenting Maeve has seriously kind of hardened me to a lot of things. Which I have to say (and Ryan agrees with this too-) is a good thing. I don't jump at a little fever, nor do I panic when Maeve flies off the couch onto the floor. My motto now is "show me the blood then we'll talk" :) No, of course I am a very involved, concerned mom- the only thing that truly matters to me is the health and well being of my kids- that's it. Where I'm going with all of this, is that I truly was not going to take Henry into the doc for his constipation problem. If this would've been two years ago and Maeve? We would've been in the ER :) Like I said, I've become a lot calmer over the years. However, after spending the majority of last night UP with a fussy baby I figured it might not hurt to give the doc a call and at least ASK what I should do.

I called around 11 or so and asked to speak to a nurse- after telling the nurse what was going on she said he should probably be seen. :( I KNEW it was nothing serious- I really did- but I was becoming a bit desperate for Henry to stop being so uncomfortable and therefore, stop fussing. My mom took Maeve for me and I brought Henry into the doc. We ended up spending the good part of the afternoon (and Maeve's nap time) driving through the blizzard and stuck in the doc office with a bunch of sick kids. The icing on the cake though, was paying thirty bucks to be told to give Henry a glycerin suppository and some prune juice. UGHHHHHH! Off we went to good ol' Walmart to retrieve our pooping supplies.

I decided since I documented Maeve's every hiccup I should document this important day in Henry's life: His first suppository.

Here's the scary sucker- I was a tad intimidated by it- poor Henry had no clue what was about to happen...

The waiting was intense ;)

After about 5 minutes or so, we we're in business.

The damage (I think we went through 4-5 diapers???):

The dude needed a soak in the sink after all that hard work.

Henry relaxing- he deserves it, right? And yes,yes I realize his shirt is a midriff... he's a chunk- what can I say? :)

Not like any of you REALLY want to know this, but his poo wasn't liquidy like it normally is. It was more of the consistency of play-doh. It needed to come out and I'm glad it did. I'm hoping we can get back on track now- with sleep, feedings AND pooping.


Kase and Jules said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get the stinkin' adorable tractors lining thingy's on his changing table??? SO cute!! I am serious, he is the cutest little guy I have EVER seen. Wow..

Jessy Schoch said...

So funny!!! I'm so glad the little man got it all out :) When Jack went on Sunday it wasn't a hard poo, so it sounds like it's a good thing you got it moving for him!! He is so stinkin cute!!

Sarah said...

poor guy, I wouldn't even want that this in MY was huge for a baby!! did he make a funny face when you squeezed it? I can just imagine!!