Sunday, January 24, 2010

Question #4

By Becky Hoard: "So far, what are some of your favorite memories with Maeve? with Henry?"

What a sweet question :) I've spent some time really thinking this one over and you might be bored with my answers (once again... wow- you didn't realize how boring of a person I am, huh???) but really, they're great, precious, once in a lifetime memories/moments.

**Breastfeeding her in the bath. We ALL know my difficulties with breastfeeding and I spent many, many hours in the bath feeding her. (the heat from the bath/shower helps your milk come out better).

**All of our mommy/daughter trips- (Boston, Florida). Of course I love vacaying with Ryan but there was something special about going on trips by myself with Maeve. I KNOW we bonded more on each and every trip- probably because I was her sole provider for that one week or so. We'd sleep in the same bed together and take every bath together. While in Boston, we were sharing a hotel room with my mom, grandma, sister and brother (it was one of those adjoining rooms) and I didn't want Maeve to wake anyone up, so around 6 AM or so, Maeve and I took a stroller walk down the street to "Dunkin Donuts." It was beautiful outside and I felt SO old- walking around the city with my little girl :)

**Halloween '08- when Maeve had Pneumonia- weird that it would be one of my fave. memories and don't be mistaken that I enjoyed Maeve having pneumonia! But I spent literally, an entire night holding her out on the couch. I watched 3 or 4 movies and just held her, watching her- making sure she wasn't too hot and that she was breathing fine, giving her tylenol and motrin around the clock and rocking her when she'd start to cry. Again, it was one of those bonding moments. And I felt so proud to have taken care of her all by myself :)

**nighttime PRE-Henry! :) Throughout my entire pregnancy with Henry, Ryan was in school- meaning, he ALWAYS had homework to do. He'd stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning working on assignments and I got super lonely back in our bedroom by myself! So around 9 or so, (or whenever Maeve was zonked out) he'd bring her in to me and I'd snuggle up with her. Sometimes, she'd stir and wake up and realize she was in our room- she'd put her head on me and I'd tickle her back to sleep. Since Henry is now in our room and he's like a crying time bomb its been too risky to bring Maeve in! I am petrified he'll wake her up and then we'll have TWO wide awake, screaming kids! :)


Mr. Henry:

**Henry's birth: NOTE I didn't say Maeve's birth for one of my fave. moments with her! To be totally honest, Maeve's birth was so horrible and awful, I don't even really remember much of it. BUT Henry's was a different story. Henry's birth was incredible- calm and beautiful. I felt in control and focused. Unfortunately the first few moments of Henry's life on earth were scary but after they got him breathing, I was able to hold him and nurse him- AND I REMEMBER IT! So... this will forever be one of my favorite memories with him!

**nap times (OR LACK OF): Maeve still takes her daily nap, but Henry is sooooo NOT on a schedule that most of the time he is NOT napping during Maeve's nap. This means some one on one Henry/Momma time. Lately we've been doing photo shoots ;) I'm practicing with lighting and different features on my camera. Sometimes we take showers (he loves the sound of running water). And once in awhile (once in a GREAT while) he naps and therefore I nap... :) love that.

**middle of the night feedings: Note again, I didn't say this about Maeve! She was NOT a good breastfeeder and therefore, nursing sessions were tense and stressful. Henry is a great nurser (who actually prefers the boob over the bottle) so those middle of the night feedings (which have already stopped- he's been sleeping through the night now for about 2-3 weeks) are great memories. He'd wake up, I'd flip on "Discovery Health," get Henry latched on, then sit back and enjoy "Trauma Life in the ER" while Henry got his fill :) I'd always have a good story to tell Ryan in the morning... "Hey Ryan! Last night during Henry's 3 AM feeding I saw a man get impaled by a 4x4!" :)

Good question Becky! Follow suit readers!! Tell me some of your fave memories with your kiddos!


Dominica said...

It must be a first child thing, nursing in the bath...Joseph, as I've told everyone spoiled me as a first time mom-wasn't fussy, gassy,looved the tit,photogenic-the whole nine yards.
I don't share your sentiments for bathing but I did snuggle in the bath with Joe and nurse him. He would just lay there looking at me just as content as can be and half alive in a milk coma. My other boys were and are awful nursers and I haven't taken any baths with them. With two boys running wild, jumping over and knocking down things there's not much time for deep soaks with Fatty. So for Joe nursing and reading. I love seeing all that reading time paying off bc now he's an advanced reader in kindergarten...Did someone say scholarship? lol
Benjamin, my sweet Benny....(sigh)I love how he will come to me and hold my hand in the middle of anything whether I'm cooking or just playing with him. Our favorite thing to do together is wait until Joe is asleep and share a really decadent desert-We love food!
Fatty, I love snuggling with him. He just curls right up like a rolly polly. I just loooove how he's such a mama's boy and will pout his lips and make faces when my mom get's near. hehe I'd go on but other people have to make comments! I could go on and on about my sweet little gremlins!

Ashley said...

aww sweet Dominica :) I still can't believe you have THREE boys!!! :)

Dominica said...

smh neither can I? If only I had enough nerve to blog about some of the shenanigans that go on here! I love your blog btw-Can't ya tell?! lol. So much better than reading a paper while I'm waiting for Joe(moving at a turtle pace) to get ready for school!

Becky said...

I loved your answers! I think I'm going to blog about this question on mine :)