Friday, January 22, 2010

Question #2:

From Alyssa Sauder: "How important is it that you teach your children about your faith...and how do you teach them about your faith?"

INCREDIBLY important. But with that said, I think I'm already failing at it!!! My bestie Angela bought Maeve a children's Bible before she was even born. We've tried reading stories out of it but Maeve prefers those dumb "Dora" books. :( Instead of pushing it, we just relent and read the other books. I have some burned DVD's of "Veggie Tales" that I've put on... I think the Pirate one held her attention for maybe 5 minutes. We say prayers every night but she has no clue what's going on... she just likes "folding hands." We talked to her the entire Christmas season about "baby Jesus" but she was way more interested in "Ho Ho Ho." We are struggling with sticking to a church. We church hop a LOT. And we church skip... oops. It's almost like I'm scared to commit to a church because it seems as though every time we've become members at a church (which was really just twice) we've found something we really don't like or care for and end up leaving. When we make it out the door to church (which is about once a month) its to the First Church of the Naz. I love the pastor, *some* of the people and their kids programs. However, Maeve has a tough time in the nursery. We end up having to get her at every single service and honestly, that's getting old. She's a very social kid- super outgoing... but she doesn't like separation from Ryan and I (or my mom & dad who also go to the church). I am very confident that as she gets older and her attention span gets longer she will become more interested in Jesus and what He's done for us. But at the moment, it tends to go in one ear and out the other. I guess the important thing is that we're putting it in one ear, right??? :) this normal for a 2 year old? Not sure. I've heard stories of other 2 year olds who are very interested in Jesus, Bible stories and prayers. Maybe I'm not pushing it enough...

What and HOW do you do to teach your kids about YOUR faith? (I really want to know this one... obviously we need some help over here!)

****Also- head on over to the Luphers blog.... little Witt needs prayers. His Aunt Cheryl (who is a friend of mine) says his heart just isn't pulling through anymore. I can't imagine what his parents and family are going through. Maybe leave a loving comment or something just to let them know you're praying and thinking of them :)

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Kase and Jules said...

We say prayers, go to church, etc. My motto is, best not to force it :) If you do all you can and teach them all you can, you have done your job :)