Monday, January 25, 2010

"Not Me Monday"

If you haven't checked out "My Charming Kids" (located over on my sidebar) you MUST. It is addicting as a good cup of coffee. She's a fabulous blogger who takes the BEST pictures and is kind enough to give tutorials on how to "achieve" that certain look in your pics. I don't know her but I love her! :) Anywho, every Monday, she does this psot called "Not Me Monday" and it cracks me up. I've been reading them for awhile but decided to participate today (and hopefully in the future... because trust me, I have a LOT of "not me's." The only problem is that since my blog is private, I can't link my post to hers. But if you click on the "Not Me" icon over on the top right hand side of the page it will take you to her blog and you can read ALL the other "not me's." With that said, here's mine on this fine Monday morning :)

I don't let my kids climb on furniture. Especially not the kitchen table. NOT ME!

And then when I tell said child that it's time to get down, my very obedient, well behaved child does NOT throw a tantrum. Not MY child!

And then when my very obedient, well mannered child continues to scream and carry on, I certainly don't take pictures of this kind of behavior. Not ME!!!

No, I don't take pictures of my 2 year olds meltdowns. And I CERTAINLY do NOT sit at the table drinking a cup of delicious coffee while my child continues to carry on. NOPE! Not ME!

Along with "Not Me Mondays" I'm also going to start posting our menu for the week. I've had soooo many people ask about recipes (BTW- I find all of these recipes online- in no way do I come up with any of them on my own! :)

Here's what we're eating:
*Broccoli cheese & rice casserole with chicken
(I LOVE these kinds of dinners- you get veggies, starch and protein ALL in one simple dish!)

Rigatoni in the crockpot... simple & delicious.
salad on the side :)

*Coconut Chicken with yummy yam fries
(this is one of Maeve's ALL time faves!)

Meatloaf in the crockpot (again- incredibly easy but OH SO GOOD) with mashed potatoes and corn

Friday: Pizza

Sat & Sun: To be honest, its a free for all. Sometimes its leftovers, sometimes we go out... and 99% of the time my parents cook dinner for us on Sunday nights...SCORE!!!!

- Make sure to ask for any of the recipes! ALL of these are tried and true McKenney family tested and approved. :)


Jessica Perry said...

Coconut Chicken please! That sounds yummy!

Jessy Schoch said...

Firt of I love her blog I've been reading it for a long time, her kids are too cute!! Second you've totally inspired me to do a menu, and I LOVE, LOVE doing it!! I love not having to stress everyday about what to make, it's great!! And I shopped for the week, which is a big change for me I usually shop for two at once!! I used coupons and save $78, not bad, now I still spent a whopping $243. Yet I bought a lot of things that will probably carry over for this week too!!

Now the recipes I think you should just post them all...hahaha!!!

Dominica said...

I like how you said all recipes are Bc I was I wondering about the meatloaf in the crock. My crock has been my everything since the three and makes things a so simple. So perhaps like Jessie suggest can you post the recipes.

The Paulk's said...

I've been reading her blog for a LONG time too :), funny! Cute and funny stories too...

Also, don't be surprised if your inbox is flooded with Kroger questions, I didn't know you shop there and now that I know...:)

jennifer said...

Have you read Ree's blog? She's got funny everyday stuff, cooking, and photography there too.

Another favorite is the blog of the girl that made it her new year's resolution to use her crockpot every day for a year. I use my crock all the time and some of her recipes go over really well here.

Your chix parm recipe is on my meal plan for next week. Thanks for sharing the recipe!