Tuesday, January 26, 2010

feeling crafty ;)....

Last week at Maeve's ballet class, I had her dressed in a cute little yellow skirt (along with her pink leo). Being the OCD mother that I am (about my kids clothing anyway) I was going mad Wed. morning trying to find a hair accessory to go with her adorable ballet ensemble. I made a mental note to try and find something at the store later in the week... (I know right, how could I possibly send Maeve off to ballet without an adorable matching barrette or pony holder???).

This past weekend in Lansing, I went on this massive Old Navy shopping spree, along with a swing by Claire's and can you believe it??? I STILL couldn't find that *perfect* matching hair accessory. I got home, got on Etsy.com and found what I was looking for- for 15 bucks. HECK NO. I decided I was going to try and get crafty.

During Maeve's naps, I've been experimenting and creating what I call, the "M Line." :) I have perfected the hair accessory I've been dying to find. And I am so excited about it that I've decided to throw one your way! Here are some pics of my creations:

*Each flower is stitched together with a jewel button to give it that extra sparkly touch :) I used alligator clips because in my experience, those hold the best. PLUS you can clip them to beanies, skirts (I'm going to clip Maeve's to her ballet skirt) and whatever else you like. I also lined each alligator clip with ribbon so you won't see the metal.

These pics were taken right after Maeve woke up from her nap today... she has a fever- so not the greatest. BUT you get the idea...:)
So... yes, this is another sort of give away. Although mommas of boys, you might not be as excited about this one. No fear, I'm sure you KNOW a little girl who would love a beautissimous flower for her hair, right? Nieces, sisters, friends, etc. I am *THINKING* about selling them on Etsy- but for a fraction of the cost. Because lets be honest, a fake flower, alligator clip, a pretty jewel, ribbon and glue (glue gun) DO NOT cost 15 bucks. And to be honest, I LOVE making them. I've already fashioned up a pile of posies.

I'm sure you're asking yourselves, "WOW Ashley! These are amazing! (haha...SARCASM) HOW DO I WIN???" Very, VERY simple. Since I am thinking of selling them on Etsy, I need to have lots of different designs/colors and then need to photograph them. I have focused mainly on pink and yellow this week (because of Maeve's ballet class tomorrow morning- yes, she will be modeling her new flower). Leave me your desired color scheme. I am going to pick THREE to make. YES that means there will be THREE winners!!! Before you enter, just make sure you agree to the *terms* :)
If you are a lucky booger and win, I'll fashion a flower in the color scheme you chose for your entry. Upon receiving your item ALL I ASK is you give me feedback! I would never, ever consider selling these on Etsy unless I knew each and every flower being sent out was perfeccccto! When you get the flower, examine it- look for areas I could improve on- test it out- be rough with it :) We all know toddler girls are NOT gentle :) And then ~nicely~ let me know what needs improvement! :) That sounds easy enough, right??
So color my world, readers & enter!!! GOOD LUCK!!

-forgot to add- this will go on until Friday at 10 AM.

AND just to clarify (just got a facebook message...) this is a contest/give away- no money involved! So even if you don't have a princess at home to don with a flower, you can still play along and give a color scheme! And, if you happen to be one of our 3 winners, pay it forward and give it to another little beauty :) I just want to get these flowers out and about... testing them if you will :) alright- really, that's it for this post... so, HAVE FUN! :)


Leslie Collins said...

So stinkin' cute!!!!!
I would love a chance to win. :)

I am a such a sucker for anything with polka dots and pink and chocolate brown.

Becky said...

Hot pink and pale pink..plain or polka dots!

lyndsayclev said...

I like green and brown...any color green would work...instead of polka dots...I LOVE hearts!!

Alissa & Josh said...

I really like purple! Maybe purple and pink?

Jessica Perry said...

Love these! I would choose white and pink (any color pink!). Fun, fun!

Sarah Ely said...

Pink and brown would be my first choice but since someone already said that I'm going to have to Say pink and purple to go with the cute bathing suit I just got Tessa from gymboree.....or even pink and red for valentines day

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Hey Ash! Because I have cabin fever and I'm longing for fun in the sun in Florida, I'd love to see one of your creations in orange and yellow sunburst. Avah has a leotard that's metallic colored with the oranges and yellows and I think it would look perfect!

Even if you don't pick these colors, I can't wait to see your creations! YOu're so creative. Hope you share the pics!

Dominica said...

lol I just like addin' my own two-cents while waiting for Benjamin to clean up this goldfish mess he made but I'm going to have to say my favorite colors of green and blue and any variation of that combo like turquoise and lime-ya know what I mean? What about stars?shamrocks?spirals?Plaid? lol-okay maybe not!lol I love plaid and would pay you too make some plaid and striped bow-ties if you could do that?

Ashley said...

Dominica- I am working on a reallllly cute boy onsie idea... stay tuned :) It involves a tie :)

jane said...

Pink and black/white would be my idea. That would go well with many a leo.

Does Maeve like her ballet class? Is it worth it for a 2 year old?? (you know, like does she actually learn stuff or is it for socialization and fun? I don't mean that to sound mean :))

Beckie Tylutki-Lampman said...

Ash this is a brilliant idea! I love the idea of turquoise and purple OR a light purple with a darker purple. For instance the flower could be the lighter shade of purple with striped band with the two different purples on it. You could do this with all colors obviously. And since I am in the Valentine's mood lately what about red and pink! Ok I am going to stop now! Good luck! Hope this gives you some good ideas!

jennifer said...

I'd love to see something with blue for my blue-eyed girl. She'd probably pick pink and purple if she had her choice, though.

Ashley said...

Jennifer- I've already been eyeing some cute blue flowers for Maeve- I LOVE putting her in blue because of her blue eyes- I know Kait is the same way w/ those eyes!!! :)

Jessy Schoch said...

I'm going to chime in for the older little girls out there :) How about..
Black and hot pink
Brown and turqoise
Lime green with light pink
Light blue and yellow
Pale green and brown

I'm sure these colors have already been thrown out there. I think it's a great idea, it makes me think of you when you were a little girl and all those pretty ribons your Grandma made you!! Good luck, I can't wait to visit your etsy store!!

Angela said...

It's not my fav. and not really the time of year yet, but navy and red or navy and white, to be patriotic or for the cute little sailor dresses my nieces have.