Monday, November 30, 2009

quiiiick update!

Ryan took Maeve to the grocery store and Henry just finished off a boob :) SO I'll take this rare quiet moment to blog about what has been going on:

-my episiotomy is feeling fantastic- no really- I am shocked at how well I feel (physically! emotionally I have been hit with those lovely baby blues) I was more nervous about healing from the episiotomy than I was about the actual delivery! weird... but it was so painful last time! THIS time however it was only a 2nd degree cut- with Maeve it was a 3rd degree... I'm sure that's the difference.

-soooo about those baby blues... ahhhh I hate them! I cry about everything. Lets see... breakdowns to date: not being able to play with Maeve every second of the day like I used to. Getting a fever on Saturday night due to engorgement. Having to get Maeve McDonalds tonight. Weighing myself on the scale the night I got home from the hospital... oh and probably a thousand more.

-I have lost a whopping 27 lbs in a week- HOLY FLUIDS RIGHT???? I weighed myself the night I got home from the hospital and I had only lost 3 lbs. (breakdown ensued soon after) but I stayed off the scale for a few days and braved it again last night- WOW was I surprised to find that I was back in the 150's!!! WAHOOOOO! Only 28 more lbs. to go.

- ALL I've been wanting to eat is yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. Strange because that's all I wanted after I had Maeve too! My body must know how obesely large I am :)

-my boobs are killllllllllling me. WHY do I have such a hard time nursing??? This time, I'm not having issues with him latching on- he's a great latcher & sucker! However, I am soooo engorged. I am having to express and pump before and after every single feeding. If I don't, I will promptly start to run a fever, get the chills and feel like death.

-juggling these 2 kiddos is not as hard as I thought it would be- its just different. Things that used to take us 20 minutes now take us hours. We're also stuck at home because of the stupid episiotomy. (not supposed to drive for 2 weeks...) I've been going a little stir crazy but at the same time I'm not so sure I want Henry out yet.

-Ryan is officially the most amazing husband & dadda ever. I have fallen even more in love with him. He is so selfless its unbelievable. He has been playing Mr.Mom & my caretaker. He is there with tylenol, water and an ice pack for me, then turns around and is changing Maeve's diaper and running back in to grab Henry to change his dipe! What would I do without him?

- My mom told me that right after Henry was born she went over to take pictures but the nurse said "don't take pictures right now; he's not breathing." Thank the Lord I didn't hear that or know that until now. It makes holding this blessing mean even more (if that's even possible!)

-Henry's circ is healing up wonderfully and I'm sure he'll be pleased someday to know that I posted about it! On the other hand, he's got something gunky going on in his eyes. I called the doc this morning... they want to see him tomorrow.

-speaking of tomorrow morning... it will be my first outing BY myself with two kids. I.AM.SCARED. (and yes, I'm breaking the rule of driving. Lets just hope I don't run into Dr. P again!)

-My favorite thing to do now a days (besides cuddle with Henry) is take a sitz bath and read all my gossip mags. ahhhh wonderful.

-I am also enjoying doing all those "bad" things you can't do while preggo! I've had a COLD turkey sandwich two days in a row now! No fears of listeriosis here! :) I also had a glass of wine on Thanksgiving which gave me the worst headache ever. AND I've been taking super hot baths. soooo bad right? :)

-Maeve is being.....strange?! I can't figure the kid out. She seems to like having Henry around. She likes to ask "Where's baby?" but on the same hand, she kind of just ignores him... totally steering clear of him. Hmmm...

WELL... that's all I can think of for now. I will update more, ummmm at some point! :)


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Angela said...

I'll take the blame for the McDonalds...sorry :( On a better note, I did enjoy our visit though and I'm already looking forward to Thursday :)