Friday, November 20, 2009

a ME day.

I'm excited- my mom is taking Maeve for a couple of hours so I can get my hair done (I desperately need my roots touched up, a trim and my eyebrows waxed) and then I get to have a spa-pedi (thanks Sarah!). I'm thrilled to have a few hours to myself- just relaxing before giving BIRTH (ahhh...really starting to get nervous!). Tonight my parents, Maeve, Ryan and I are all going to Darryls to celebrate a "last supper" of sorts.

It's all bitter sweet. I love my little family so much- Maeve is my world.
I'm finding it hard to imagine that this baby will fit in as well as Maeve does- but I'm sure he will. I think these are just some last minute fears... after all, having a baby is pretty life changing. I just want the transition to go seamlessly- I want Maeve to LOVE her baby brother, I want to love him as much as I love Maeve (again- I am sure I will- but at the moment, I'm looking at my love eating breakfast in her chair and thinking no one will ever take up as much room in my heart as her). Stupid fears, I know... but still, it will be nice to have a few hours today to just CHILL OUT and get my thoughts together without a screaming 2 year old in the background.

Tomorrow we're getting our Christmas tree (soooo early)- I really wanted to be able to go and pick it out with Ryan & Maeve and with the weather here, ya just never know- I don't want to take a newborn out Christmas tree hunting in freezing snow, so we decided to get it a week earlier than we normally do (we usually get it the weekend AFTER thanksgiving). I will post pics of our tree hunting experience tomorrow :)


Angie B said...

yay I am glad you get a "me" day! relax and enjoy!

Jessica Perry said...

I'm jealous of your day! Sounds like it will be sooo nice...good for you! And you just wait till your little guy is here. I had those same thoughts before I had Iris and now, I just think the world of her and she fits into our family so perfectly. You will feel the same. I'm so excited for you...Monday he will be here...YAY! Can't wait to read your blog and see pictures! Good Luck!!!!

Sarah said...

I understand your fear. I have it too. I stat crying when I think about Austin not being the only baby anymore. But I think its a normal feeling and once you hold your baby it will be all better :) How was your pedi?