Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the girl who cried labor.

Yup, that's me- my hand is raised! You'd think after already going through it once I'd KNOW what labor feels like. Granted, I DID restrain myself from going in last night, but still- I had my mom on alert, my poor husband freaking out- packing, cleaning and pacing... it was sad waking up this morning still preggo.

I got my membranes stripped yesterday and felt funny immediately- by "funny" I mean crampy, loss of appetite, just weird feeling. I didn't say anything to anyone for a few hours- but after having a good solid 2 hours of contractions 5-7 minutes apart I called Ryan and told him to "KEEP THE PHONE ON!" Unfortunately Ryan has class on Tuesday nights and with the contractions keeping up I told him I felt uncomfortable being at home by myself. So he ran out to JCC, turned in his homework and told his teacher I was in labor (good Lord). We ate some dinner (I still was feeling sick to my stomach) and put Maeve down. Then we started seriously timing my contractions- they were lasting a minute and coming anywhere from 4-7 minutes apart. This lasted until I finally fell asleep (around 11 or so?). I definitely did not want to go into L&D just to be sent home, so I stuck it out and I'm glad I did. I woke up a few times during the night with some painful contractions, but nothing that lasted long enough to keep me up and really get my attention. This morning the contrax. were back but after getting up and eating breakfast they've slowly disappeared. How frustrating :(

Luckily I'm feeling really good lately. I have that extra burst of energy that often comes with the end of pregnancy. I've been on the go and cleaning a TON. It feels good to have a really, really clean house! And believe it or not, I am actually hoping to make it to Monday- a few weeks ago, I would've given anything to go into spontaneous labor... but next week seems to be a perfect week to have a baby. My sister will be home from Kansas to visit, Ryan will be off of work all week, as will my mom- so Monday is feeling pretty golden.

I will continue to update... but if I "cry" labor again don't get too alarmed... apparently I'm not such a good judge of it!

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