Monday, October 12, 2009

TWO Year Brithday Take 1!

Yesterday (10/11) was Maeve's "real" birthday. We're having her big birthday celebration on Saturday (10/17) but couldn't just not do something for her real birthday! So we packed it full of Maeve's favorite things :) It was a LONG day... but totally worth it.

We started out early (I think around 8 or so?) with breakfast at the Wooden Spoon- Maeve loves it there because of the oatmeal, huge coloring books and of course the giant fish pond outside. We always bring our leftover bread from the week to feed to the fishies. Unfortunately no fish yesterday... but we still had a great time (and a really great breakfast!)

Around noon we headed up to Ann Arbor to meet my parents at Chuckie Cheese. My mom was flying in from Kansas so it worked out perfectly to just meet in Ann Arbor for lunch. Maeve was thrilled beyond belief- not only was she at Chuckie Cheese but Nana, Poppa AND Dadda were all there too! Unbelievable! :) She scooted through the tubes for a good hour or so, rode all the rides and got some Chuckie balloons & a cake. As SOON as we put her in the carseat to go home she was OUT. She even slept through carrying her in the house (which never happens- she is such a light sleeper so she usually wakes up as soon as the garage door shuts!) and into her bed. While she was napping Ryan and I decorated, wrapped and cooked- well I wrapped and cooked, Ryan took care of the decorating since it probably wouldn't be super wise for me to be standing up on chairs and such :) I made Maeve's favorite dinner (which she is now eating for lunch :) Baked mac & cheese and BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. I also made her a "Mooooo! You're TWO cake!" haha- she has this thing for cows (and other farm animals) and since I'm doing a "boring" theme (according to Maeve) for her party on Sat. I thought I would make her a corny MOO cow cake. She loved it :)

After dinner, it was presents, presents and more presents. She is so blessed to have so many people in her life that care so much about her. Between my mom & dad, and grandma (her great-grandma) and Ryan & I, she got so many presents that we actually saved a few for Christmas- because really, it was just ridiculous when we stacked them all up on the table for her to open. Anyhow, she had a fabulous time ripping through everything- some of her fave. presents include her "Little Mermaid dress up kit" (ADORABLE- thanks mom:) And her "Little People Learn About Town"- again soooooooooo cute- and I HIGHLY recommend this toy for anyone with 2/3 year olds! SO MUCH fun to be had with this! :) Here's the LINK!

After opening a few of her toys and playing for an hour or so, it was bedtime. And I've never seen a more eager for sleep MaeMae! She was so wiped out she was MORE than happy to snuggle in for bedtime.

What a great day :) I will blog a post about her 2 year stats & stuff after her appt. this afternoon... also, look for "Birthday Take TWO!" after this Saturday... wow...lots of birthday stuff.


Jessica Perry said...

Happy Birthday Maeve!! She looked adorable on her birthday and it looks like she had a fun time. Cute cake!

Becky said...

i can't believe she's two already!! it looks like she had a blast...she's adorable ashley! :)