Sunday, October 25, 2009

Encouragement From an Unlikely Source.

After chowing down on fiesta lime chicken at Applebees, I ran into Walmart to grab a magazine that I could read in the bath tonight. Of course the issue with Kendra Wilkinson, very pregnant, caught my eye; Especially when the cover said that she revealed how much pregnancy weight she's gained. I am not a fan of Kendra's or any of "The Girls Next Door." I actually find the show to be pretty disgusting (sorry to anyone who's a big fan of the show or the girls!). But anything pregnancy related at this point is of great interest to me.

I can't tell you how discouraged I've felt during this pregnancy. I feel like SUCH a complainer talking about it and blogging about it over and over again... but really, this is what is going through my brain now a days. My weight, my stretch marks, my cracked and bleeding belly, my horrible acne (thank you pregnancy hormones)... and well, I could go on for awhile, but I'm sure you get the picture. I keep telling myself this will be over and I'll have my old body back (like it was so great to begin with! :) But to tell you the truth, I am petrified that this weight is going to stick around and my stretch marks won't fade like they did last time and I'm going to end up just giving in-, wearing sweatpants and sporting a greasy pony tail. And in the grand scheme of things I KNOW, I KNOW I KNOW, that none of this is very important, but I'm sure all of you ladies can relate to just wanting to FEEL good in your skin. I'm not asking to weigh 105 lbs. again (BTW that was pre- MAEVE- NOT pre-turkey boy!) I'm willing to compromise -a healthy weight that I FEEL good about is all I'm asking for.

Okay, with all that said, I read the article all about Kendra's pregnancy and felt instantly inspired. First off, she has gained EXACTLY how much weight I've gained (well I've gained 5 lbs. more BUT I am also 2 months ahead of her). The bulk of the article was about her feeling beautiful- it also talked about her plans to lose the baby weight after the birth. I was so inspired! WOW- I am not the only pregnant woman that puts on more than the allotted 25 lbs! After I got out of the bath I told Ryan all about her (I started the conversation out with "Hey ya know 'The Girls Next Door?'" With which he replied "What girls next door, where?"). Like I said, I've never been a fan of hers and I'm still not... but just hearing that someone is in the same boat as me (as far as the weight gain goes) has done wonders for my self esteem. For the first time in months I don't feel like a complete heffer! :) I just MIGHT lose all this weight- sure I'll have the preggo gut and the saggy boobs but I am pretty confident that I WILL feel normal again and WILL feel good in my skin. After I give birth to this beast (beast is said in the most lovingly way! I just really feel like this boy is MAMMOTH!) I think I might start a regular post partum check-up post. Meaning, once a week or so a check in- on my weight, my body, my mind, emotions, etc.

Sorry if this was just a bunch of rambling... its late- I have a headache but I really wanted to share my excitement in finding someone that I can relate to (as far as pregnancy goes) :)

Oh- and here's the article


Kase and Jules said...

LOL> I love the Girls Next Door!! Hehe. NO worries :) I was happy to hear of a celebrity gaining lots of weight too! Ash, you WILL lose it. You just will. I promise. The stretch marks, oh well. Maybe some day of they really bug you you will have lots of money to get a tummy tuck! I have a friend who has bad stretch marks and she just had her second son and they look fine!! Love you, the weight is the last thing to worry about. You will look back to normal in no time. I bind my belly really tight after having babies and that helps a TON.

Angie B said...

ya you will be fine and i am positive you will lose it..

Becky said...

Great post Ashley! I felt like this with the first one and I'm still discouraged even now because I don't look like I used to and some days, it really gets me. But, I know you'll lose it and its hard to see that now...but you will. :) And don't worry about the weight gain...I gained 40lbs with Kerith...I think more women gain 30-40lbs rather than the 25lb they say. Don't worry!!! You'll be fine!! :)