Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I'm Sorry"

We've been working with Maeve on her manners lately. It kind of slapped me in the face one day how much of a spoiled, ummmmmm I can't call my sweet bubs a brat, but you know what I mean.... :) She wasn't saying thank you or please for anything- even though Ryan and I BOTH have always said please and thank you to her. It was also bugging me when she would do "naughty" things that she wasn't saying "sorry" afterward. SO we started a hard core intervention to turn our stubborn pistol into a polite little lady :) So far, so good! She is now saying please regularly & thank you :) But by far, my favorite turn around is when she says "I'm sorry"- actually its more like "I sorrrrrrrry."

For example, what prompted me to blog this morning, was when Maeve was banging these toys on the table- I let her bang them for a few minutes and then it started to get out of control (as in scratching the tables...oops) and it was freaking the dogs out. So I said, "No more Maeve. Please stop." And she stopped and said "I sorrrrrrrrrrry." hahaha :) how cute.

The problem with her new found phrase is that she uses it at a lot of inappropriate times. Not a big deal right? Well... how about when she poops and she comes up to you saying "I sorry! I sorry!" Or when you're putting her in her carseat and she's saying it repeatedly. Ryan and I joke that people are going to think we get mad at her for pooping or that we're punishing her by putting her in her carseat! And we couldn't figure out why she was actually saying she was sorry! Finally we figured it out- so the whole week (actually 10 days) she had diarrhea, every time she'd poop & I would have to wipe her & change her diaper, I'd say "I'm so sorry bubs!" Or "Momma's sorry!" Because it would hurt her so badly! Ryan did this too- so we're pretty positive that's why she now says "SORRY" when she poops. And the carseat thing- (yikes I feel kind of bad about this) I strapped her into her carseat a few days ago- she was wearing a onsie- and the whole way to the store she was whining... I thought she was just being crabby. We get to the store, and I realized that the straps were so tight around her little legs- and there was no fabric (such as pants) in between the strap and her thigh- so she had these horrible red indentations on her upper legs. AWFUL! Again, I took her out and held her and rubbed her legs and said "I'm so sorry!" Now that we've figured out what's prompting her to say she's sorry all the time, we have to figure out how to explain to her that she doesn't need to say sorry at certain times... tough thing to teach a 2 year old!!

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Becky said...

It IS hard to teach a two year old! It just shows how much they pay attention and remember what you say and when you are saying it. They are so smart!!