Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just What I Needed.

After a horrible morning, I was pretty excited to get home, feed Maeve lunch and get her to bed so I could crash. And that's just what we did. She slept for about 2 hours, which allowed me to get in a quick nap and read a little bit. After nap time, Maeve woke up super sweaty so I thought an "after-nap-popsicle" would be perfect. (Ryan had to make a midnight run last night for watermelon popsicles- and yes, he found watermelon!) So Maeve and I sat on the front porch for about a half hour just eating popsicles... she was making me laugh and today, that is exactly what I needed. I took a million pictures... there's something about diaper booty babies eating messy popsicles that is SO CUTE :)

I couldn't convince her to hold the popsicle by the stick- so she just took a hold of the whole thing :) We usually eat those popsicles from the plastic so I think she's used to being able to grip it anywhere... oh well, made for messier, cuter pictures :)

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