Thursday, July 23, 2009

rain, rain, go away.

wow its been a wet couple of days here in Jackson. I LOVE rain but usually just at night- it helps me sleep better. These past few days have been tough- cooped up inside with a stir crazy toddler is just not too much fun. We've been doing a little shopping here and there, trying to get out, but most of the time is spent here, at home :(

Today, waking up to MORE rain I decided to get Maeve something that would keep her busy for awhile- like a craft project of some sort. A friend of mine had recommended the "Aquadoodle" play mat- so we went to Target to look. I wasn't going to get one if the things were super expensive, but as luck would have it they were on clearance- 11 bucks! :) We picked one up and brought it home- surprisingly enough, Maeve has really enjoyed it. It's not messy ONE BIT so its a lot easier to leave out as an option for her to play with, rather than say, play doh, which we all know is pretty messy. Anyways, I think I at least got my 11 bucks worth- she played with it after lunch and is back at it after her nap. So if rainy days have got you down, check out Target for an Aquadoodle- cheap, clean toy!

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Becky said...

i will have to check that out...Kerith LOVES crafty things but they're so messy and some days, it'd be nice to not get messy :) thanks for the idea!