Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's SUNDAY... that means DEAL DAY!

Like I said last week, I think I'm going to take Sundays to blog about the coming week in couponing & deal seeking!

Ladies- I hope you bought a few copies of the cit pat- or better yet, det. free press! There are some GREAT coupons this week!!!!!! My fave. is the 2.50 off electrosol!!!

I made 2 trips- one to Walmart & one to CVS.
The cheapest place I've found the electrosol is walmart- hence shopping there (I hate that store)

Anyways, I think I was spoiled by the Kmart doubling because for some reason 6.77 OOP (out of pocket) feels really expensive- even though normally, I'd be thrilled to get laundry detergent alone for 6 bucks... but anyways here is how it broke down today.

-2 electrosol @ 3.15 each - NOTE**the coupon in the paper says it is for the tablets which are more expensive than the gel- Walmart (and Kroger) take the coupon for either the gel or tabs though!!!

-1 2 pack lever soap @ 1.79

-2 Colgate toothpastes @ 2/3.00

**** Coupons I used:
2- 2.50 off electrosol -making the dish soap 65 cents (wahooooo!)
1- 1.50 of Lever soap - making the soap 29 cents
2- 1.00 off Colgate toothpaste- making the toothpaste 50 cents a piece
for a total of: 2.59 (plus tax)

-keep in mind, to start getting some good savings at CVS, you have to start out purchasing something to get ECB's back- then you can start to roll them on other items, getting more and more ECB's. It is pretty addicting!

I started out with very LOW ECB's today- 3 bucks :( UGH
-3 transactions***

1st trans:
-3 packages of 8 count papermate pens- 99 cents (get 99 cents back in ECB)
-2 CVS glues @ 99 cents (get back 99 cents(
***total OOP 2.14 - got back 5 ECBs

2nd Trnas:
- Gain laundry detergent- 5.99
- I used my 5 ECB's
- 1.00 off Gain
Total OOP: 1 cent- got back 3 ECB's

3rd Trans:
2 gallon milks @ 1.99 each
-used 3 ECB's
Total OOP: 1.04- got back 2 ECB's.

I am saving my 2 ECB's for the gillete razor deal later in the week (I have to wait to get my coupons in the mail)

Anyways, that's the breakdown for ya- happy shopping/saving this week!

***OH meant to add in- ALL the coupons (except for the Gain) can be found in this weeks paper!!!!!!!! Go and stock up on some dish detergent!!! :)

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