Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 things...

FIRST off, its SUNDAY which means "DEAL DAY!" Unfortunately there is nada... well nothing in the newspapers anyways- there are some huggies qs but that's about it. I did find a great deal at Toys R US today though-
Baby bath products (Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, Huggies, etc) are buy 3, get $2.00 off. THIS INCLUDES the 99 cent J&J Bath Buddy bars! I also had 1.00 off coupons so here is how it worked out:

1-J&J toddler baby wash-3.59
2-J&J Bath buddy bars- 99 cents

total= 6.02 (this includes tax)
-$2.00 for buying the 3 baby bath products
-(3) $1.00 qs for J&J
total OOP (out of pocket)= 90 cents per trans.

I did this 5 times... yikes and yes we have a LOT of soap & body wash. Ryan told me ENOUGH- that literally the soap is going to start hitting the ceiling in the basement! :) oops.

the SECOND "thing" is that Maeve has successfully made it through round 1 of the photo contest and is now into ROUND 2!!!!!!!!! :) This means a ton to us because there is absolutely no way we could afford these pictures right now with a baby on the way. And capturing Maeve (it will be right around her 2nd birthday) will be a gift that will last a lifetime. Alright, soooo here's the deal: I think I have hounded most of you on facebook, but if not, PLEASE vote for Maeve!!! Just click HERE! Thanks friends!!!!!!!!! :)

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