Tuesday, June 30, 2009


dressing up Lola...

showing off her bracelet :)

trying to squeeze bracelets on her ankles...

Oh my little girl :) She is such a girl. Today has been a pretty boring/lousy day at home; Both of us have colds or allergies (not sure what exactly is causing the runny noses) and its raining, so we've been hanging around the house. This afternoon, after nap time (for both of us:), Maeve wanted to play with her "prettys." AKA necklaces, bracelets, lotion, nail polish, etc. SO I painted her toe nails, she sampled about 50 types of lotion and then she completed her look with all her jewelry. After getting all dressed up, she then refused to take it off- so we took a very sparkly, rainbow girl out to Paneras for dinner ;)

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