Wednesday, June 17, 2009

20 months... WOW

I forgot- Maeve's 20 month mark passed right on by and I didn't make a post about it. Oops. Anyways, here are some quick facts about my MaeMae.

-has an obsession with boo boos/owies/band aids. This is because she falls or trips about 20 times a day... her poor shins and knees are covered with scrapes and bruises. She is such a rough kid!

-her favorite toys lately are her outdoor toys... she could spend all day climbing up and down her slide. (yes she's figured out how to climb UP the slide... dangerous!)

-very interested in body parts! She says "eyyyyes" "nose" "mouth" "ears" "toes" and points to them all. Actually you have to kind of careful because if she's sitting in your lap you might get a poke in the eye- she likes to "point" to it and say "EYYYYEBALL!"

-she has also figured out how to climb into her high chair- again, scares me to death.

-she now recognizes when she pee pees or poo poos. YES!!!! One step closer to the potty!!! I ask her every time I change her diaper if she did a stinky and if she did she says "pooooooo!" and then goes "WOOOOO WEEEEE!" and waves her hand like its super smelly (which it is)

-she knows all her animals and their sounds- my fave. is the crab. If you ask her what a crab does she starts pinching her fingers and then she'll give you a pinch :)

-we now have a morning ritual of watching 20 minutes or so of some cartoon in my bed. she loves it- I love it (sometimes I doze off with her snuggled next to me)

-LOVES her little people toys (did I already say this one?...can't remember) anyways she crams all sorts of animals/people into her bus or airplane and then rams it into things. Makes me laugh :)

-we have a doppler that we listen to the baby's hearbeat with and every time we get it out she starts saying "baby, baby!" and then helps me put the gel on my belly.

-obsession with the park. OMG- don't say the word "park" around her if you don't intend on immediately going to a park.

-she still won't sit still to watch a movie- however, she loves "Dora" & "Spongebob" and she will sit to watch those shows.

-she is such a girl- she loves having her toes painted, wearing "pretty's" (jewelry) and getting new clothes and shoes. NO JOKE- when she gets new shoes she will go up to Ryan or my mom and point and say "shooooooes!"

-her new fave. phrases are "OH WOOOOOOW!" and "Oh MYYYY!" and "OH YESSSSS!" she's very excitable :)

-she knows all her body parts... and has a particular fondness for her belly. She likes to lift her shirt up and yell "DING DONG!" (we push on her belly button and say "ding dong")

-her new words (that I can remember) are airplane, spoon, plate, park, crab, sky, tree, flower, water, bus, slide, swing, hot, cold, mine... hmmm- a whole lot more- she talks, talks, talks all day long... half of it I can understand, the other half is baby talk :)

-she is putting a few words together here and there- it is so awesome to hear her make the connections- just this morning she said "OHHHH! It's Hammy and MeowMeow!" (hammy & meowmeow are the names of her 2 fave. stuffed animals)

-loves lotion, shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer- really anything that you can squirt in her hand and she gets to rub all over.

-she watches dora & diego and repeats (or tries) everything they tell you to say :)

-her fave foods are mac & cheese, fruit snacks, cereal and pizza. (wow how healthy are we???)

-she loves songs and her faves are: Itsy bitsy spider, Wheels on the bus, Jesus Loves me, Twinkle Twinkle Little star, and Jesus loves the little children. She does all the hand motions and it truly melts my heart.

-we play with sidewalk chalk every day (well when its not raining) and she knows the colors: blue, red, purple, yellow and green. She will either say them to me or I'll ask her to pick one up and she gets it right :) smarty pants...

***well... I could probably come up with a billion more things to say about my special girl but I will stop with the bragging now. She is my favorite, special, beautiful blue eyed, summer sunshine, sweet as sugar, twirling, swirling, baby cakes. I couldn't be more in love :)

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Amber said...

Love this post Ashley... she is so beautiful!! What a cute little girl :)