Friday, March 6, 2009

A First!

Today we had a "FIRST" here at the McKenney house! Maeve went on her very first wagon ride..... OUTSIDE! YES! The weather here in Michigan was nice enough this morning to take a walk!!! I was thrilled and Maeve was beyyyoooond thrilled! I had heard the temp was supposed to be in the 60's today and it definitely was :) Actually after Maeve woke up from her nap we went on a SECOND walk cause she loved the first one so much :)

On our first wagon walk, I dressed Maeve super cute and we decided to visit my dad. Which meant we had to go through this muddy pathway to his office... it was interesting pulling the wagon through the mud- my Uggs might be ruined :( but Maeve was laughing and bouncing around while I lugged that thing through ankle deep MUD. We did make it to my dads though and he was happy to see us. Our second wagon walk was to the park... I think Maeve & I went down the slide about 40 times!!! She couldn't get enough of it! I had to drag her away! SO yes, it has been a really fun, lovely day! Tonight we're planning on dinner with my parents at Darryls so it should only get better :)

Tomorrow I judge my LAST meet of the season :(sad!!! It's gonna be a LONG drive and a LONG day... but its worth it- the paycheck is gonna go towards a new bathing suit for spring break! And NEXT weekend is our Westin night- (Ryan's Valentines present to me..) BTW just to clarify why and how we go to the Westin so much- we belong to that SGP club (Starwood Guest Points) so every time we travel, stay at a hotel, rent a car, etc. we earn points... it takes 4000 points to stay 1 night at the Detroit Westin. But on certain weekends (like next weekend) we are allowed to redeem 2000 points and pay the other half- so our room is costing us a whopping fifty bucks. YES! ANYWAYS, I am so excited! We're planning on going to that huge mall "Great Lakes Crossing", eat at the Rainforest Cafe & shop for spring break.

Well... I am off to get ready for dindin. Happy weekend!

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