Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soyjoy OH JOY!

Just a heads up- Target has Soyjoy bars on sale for 2.79/box... each box has 6. I personally, am NOT a fan of them- they're waayyy too dry. But Maeve loves 'em. And they're great for afternoon snacks!!! Its basically a SOY bar (DUH) with dried fruit in it... so pretty healthy- and organic- we all love that! :) Anyways the deal at target is pretty good- because normally they go for over 6 bucks a box- today at Target, as I was restocking on the bars, I noticed some "peelies" (those coupons that are actually ON the product) and they were save 1 dollar- SOOOOO I actually got a box of 6 for 1.79. No beating that! :) Try 'em out on your kids- Maeve is a picky, picky eater and she loves them. And I feel great giving them to her because of all the yummy nutrients and LOW sugar in them.

ALSO baby gear is suuuper clearanced- I got Maeve 4 ladybug sheets (each sheet was 2 dollars and some change??) and a few t-shirts for spring time.

Anyways, Target is like my mothership... I love that store and I will admit it- I go there probably once every other day... yeah its bad.

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