Saturday, December 6, 2008

Princess Night

Princess night was in full swing last night at the studio. About 75 kids showed up, ranging in age from 4 to 12-ish. There was cookie decorating, tiara making, finger nail painting, make overs and dancing. What a party huh? Our own little princess got tuckered out around 7:30 (the party started at 6:30) and there wasn't much "Maeve-friendly" food. So we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for a late night dinner- BAD IDEA. Maeve was an absolute disaster- people were staring and I was shoveling food into my mouth as fast as possible so we could get out of there. Mid-way through our meal two old ladies came over and commented about how unhappy she was. I wanted to be like "YEAH thanks for pointing that out- I didn't notice!" UGH drives me crazy in those stressful moments when people decided to make comments about my unruly child.

Anyways Ryan and I are having some issues with disciplining Maeve. She is hitting, saying "no" to just about everything and she has this thing with slapping me across the face. When we tell her "NO" she laughs. Hmmm... what to do? I was told to flick her hands when she slaps me, but she then grabs my hand and laughs- like she wants to figure out how to flick too. Nothing really seems to faze her!


Angela said...

So I'm not a mom, but after spending 5 weeks living with my 16 month niece, I know that timeouts work well. Tina's theory is if they're old enough to intentionally disobey and act out (ie Maeve laughing at you and not listening even though you know she understands "no"), then they're old enough to have a timeout. Since they are too young to sit in a timeout without moving, Tina warns her to stop or it's a timeout and then if she continues, puts her in a pack-n-play or crib without any toys just for a few minutes. If she acts up in her high chair while they're eating, again, she gets a warning and then they turn her around in her high chair so that she's facing away from the table just for a few minutes. It may seem harsh, but like I said, I saw first hand that it works. Good luck...I can see that you have your hands full from that ohhh so cute but mishchievous look from Maeve you posted on Facebook :)

Angela said...

P.S. On a side note, Miri is old enough now (almost 2) that she really understands, so when Tina asks her if she needs a timeout she thinks about her answer. Sometimes she chooses to be good and says "no" and stops, but sometimes she decides a timeout is worth it, and she answers "yes" and continues to be naughtly until Tina literally removes her from the situation into the crib :) I can see Maeve doing that, hahaha

Sooo, this was a super long post, so I'll stop, but I hope you enjoy my "motherly" advice.

Mallory said...

I totally agree about the time out idea, although I'd suggest designating a specific spot, or chair (or chair you can buckle her in :)) as the time out area, as opposed to putting her in the crib, just because you don't want her to associate going into the crib as "bad" (could lead to difficult bedtimes :))

Good Luck!
LOVE your new pictures on fb, btw. too cute!

Kase and Jules said...

Griff is the same way, he is so mean! But unlike Maeve he doesn't laugh, he means business! Scary huh??

Ashley said...

haha Jules- he means buisness! HA :) I think Maeve and Griffy would be best friends!