Monday, December 1, 2008

oops. Happy Late Thanksgiving!

With all the excitement of Black Friday I forgot to post about our Thanksgiving. It was absolutely wonderful :) From beginning to end, it was a fabulous day! Even though my stupid tooth was still bothering me...
We started out with making a giant breakfast here at our house. My family came over and ate- very impressed with our cooking skills :) And then Ryan, Maeve and I watched the "Macy's Day Parade." Maeve loved it. She was dancing in front of the tv and squealing in delight at all the colorful balloons and floats. After breakfast and the parade, we got cleaned up and dressed (we had been in our PJs all morning...ahhhhh) and headed over to my parents house to see what was up. Not too much- :) Our fave. surrogate cousin/aunt wasn't there yet and everyone was laying around watching football... blah. So we came back to our house for a nap. And yea for naps- Maeve slept from about 1 or so, to 4:30!!!!!! :) YEAH!!!! Ryan crashed on the couch in front of the game and I was so exhausted from all the dang vicodin I had been taking for my tooth that I just about passed out in our bedroom.
Around 5 we went back over to my parents house, which by this time was bustling w lots of people and activity. It was pretty much your very traditional thanksgiving feast- a huge dinner with lots of family gathered around a giant table. It was nice though :)
We left shortly after dinner- my tooth was still bothering me :( In fact I had to ice the stupid thing after dinner because eating had really irritated it. On the way home from my parents house Ryan asked if maybe, just perhaps I wouldn't be feeling up to getting up in the morning for black friday shopping. I answered with a gusto: NOPE!!!!! haha... so off we went to bed with our alarm clock set for 4:30 AM.
It really was a nice thanksgiving and there are so many things for us to be thankful for that the holiday that once was about stuffing ourselves with as much food as possible has now turned into a day to reflect and think about our blessings... AND still stuff yourself with as much food as possible :)

In honor of Thanksgiving, I feel I should list out what I am personally thankful for:

1. My family- my mom and dad are the best, as are my siblings :)
2. Disney World :)
3. Ryan
4. Maeve
5. Health
6. True Happiness
7. Vacations of any sort...
8. nap time
9. Target
10.God's good grace and unconditional love

***Just a note- the list in no particular ranking order! :) I think you all can guess what I am MOST thankful for... :)

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